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It was an interesting matchup the Finals aired on Sports ESPN/ABC doesn't matter what went down it was sorta like a close tie but it did appear like they were shouting at each other. I noticed from the clips before the commercial how one of the Warriors was screaming at his teammate to box them Cavaliers, I wasn't looking forward to seeing stuff like the basketball getting shot right before half time but that's when I lost interest and switched it off. They weren't even serious because it started well I do assume the close tie was going to maybe last until the last minute but why show them winning or beating Cleveland when it's OT Two minutes left i'm not into drinking minute maid but why all the closeness and uncomfortable look on the basketball court. Lebron James was ridiculed before the finals but I think he tried to speak to his teammates and media about the backlash of any looser hating on them. So it simply wasn't a win/win situation they did the same thing they've done to get them on top Golden State always pulls out some kind of trick question and generally it's to make their opponents loose, if your following up on the finals let's just say one coach kinda controlled the court because it's the end and i'm returning to find the other guy standing around walking away with his staff it's game over. I like the term creative because it's unusual the team which is most in control of the final destination of the game may end up winning anytime anyplace. The Warriors went ahead 108-98 on free throws with 1:16 to play. James' layup with 8.9 seconds left accounted for Cleveland's only points in overtime. James, who missed three shots and had two turnovers in overtime, walked off the court in frustration as time expired. Incredible season at the end of the game they asked Curry about what he thought about the game and the guy just dissed the mic going on about something I don't exactly know what he said but it looked like he screwed the fans with some yellow kicks. Meanwhile notice Cavs' Irving being evaluated by team doctors afterwards I see him throw his Cleveland jersey and ignoring the craving to continue showing up playing along as a team next to Lebron James. I intend to see them accomplish the next to last mission especially with this kind of squad.

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