Video of officer who drew gun on black teens raises tension

I wasn't looking forward to viewing this on television it happened this past weekend, I normally realize someone is being ignorant when they refuse to talk or act in disobedience to someone's home & family. I had friends and we would walk to the store it's all over the globe now and I don't know how to explain over a computer what should and shouldn't get done, where we need to go. Alot happens communicating and showing up at the wrong time is probably the reason that starts conflicts, someone's home should not be disrespected I realize and understand that part of the argument. On the weekend many things happen people sometimes go to the area and local shopping mall not everyone has cash, the fact that there isn't anything to do puts local residents and neighborhood watch on high alert. I always used to run into away from school it's a mistake a misfortune walking past someone's home gives the audience the assumption that everything is is going to be all right it isn't your going to be bullied for it. Your left to control someone else's mistakes all the time I hear about the hate and the lying, Texans are loosing ground because of such accidents. Instances where nobody is to blame but your parents and individuals screaming ignoring their own trouble arrest them. I am not saying these children aren't to blame but come on? how many times is someone going to witness a black man getting murdered or arrested? because he got a nice car or didn't know the law. The police patrolman has to take the blame it just appears like there is a cover up real problems plaguing that community, it could be anything silence etc. I would like to know from the news report what that girl wearing a bikini has to say, she seemed to be shouting loud remarks is she abnormal? I had they organized a protest after the girl's father flipped enough about the verbal beat downs. Maybe sometime we respect young girls and don't harass the ladies like they did that girl and those young men. McKinney Mayor says the incident was "not indicative of our community""It does not define us."

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