In Mandela, Obama Found a Beacon Who Inspired From Afar

President Obama, who has begun a weeklong trip to Africa, had been hoping to meet with the ailing Nelson Mandela, as he did in 2005, when he was a senator.

Propeller Gets $1.25M From A16z, ffAngel, Everyone Good Basically

Tech Crunch - Like a less-complex Appsify.me or a Testflight for normal people, Propeller aims to democratize the app store. When launched, Propeller will eventually let people who don’t know how to code build their own native, not HTML5, mobile apps.


Audi, Toyota duel headlines at Le Mans

Audi, Toyota duel headlines at Le Mans

The Legendary Jaguar D-Type Returns to Le Mans

Toyota racing earns Le Mans podium

Picture Special - We sent ace photographer JULIET LEMON out and about to lap up the magic of Le Mans with her camera lens. Among others she bumped into ...


With Germany up next, U.S. focused on making World Cup

WASHINGTON -- Along with all the double-decker buses and the crowds at the National Mall, the German soccer team went on a tour of the ...


The Lone Ranger: Featurette - Cowboy Boot Camp - Watch Latest Movie Trailers, Interviews, Clips and Videos

The Lone Ranger: Featurette - Cowboy Boot Camp - Watch Latest Movie Trailers, Interviews, Clips and Videos

Pakistan Female Fighter Pilot Wins Battle of Sexes


Status Update

Today, I am going to update my blog with this post before beginning the strike I would like to continue posting despite the feedback and obvious cash shortage as an entrepreneur with a life one should avoid anger so i'm here to tell you from experience that it's not going anywhere. While seated here I think the webpage has been a nice place to do share my interest for information technology things change it's a mad world without blog and stuff well I want to ask what you think about it now being offline? I haven't been able to find the time for it so post it notes my existence clever. So another post is just taking it back to basics however events in the media has painted a bad picture. Forced to rethink options no need to get loud everything is work I put these things together the goods but, I am able to see and highlight where i've already gone to it's sad to say two things cannot work for the benefit of one how obvious to me as a writer that I need to watch where I was going. It began one day I went to the Borders bookstore nearby a place I drive by to get to sometimes i'm not going to say what happened otherwise because it's a public place. I just had $20 so I wanted to grab some music and what I left with was something else nobody would bother obtaining but it came in a box with a compact disk inside.

I started to wonder why it happened why is it you cannot find work yet the media is full of violence and accidents and why is everything cheap, why everyone talking about their riches, their wealth but listen only place to go is outside I showed up at home it's a small world that evening stuck to my mind. Not only that i've tried not to loose any sleep over it all about communicating and attending college over the internet my life is just about being a webmaster here at home. That's all there is to do and since 2007 it's been all i've heard happen an interest for the Olympics i'm not getting rich but as the time goes by all there is to do is watch espn News. The only place there is to go is outside I don't want to ask anymore questions it's too boring but the news is full of rioters and all so I want to be kind and ask you to raise your IQ find something to do. It's as if the net is slowing down too silent it isn't like it used to because these things get sold and they break down "I can read between the lines" no use running a bad show. In another instance where I seem to be getting ignored by family members I suppose this has caused some turmoil if you ask someone the answer is just rude so I want to switch to celebrating.

I am going to have to find a way to communicate with god, I am going to have to accept certain feelings towards other humans, I am not going to see anyone anytime soon it was a good idea if you ask me, I am unable to talk about certain things especially the traditionalism anymore than I already have. I want to own land and become a farmer or the mafia hitman. I would like to have gain power thru american express start a family it's difficult staying out of these triangles etc, i'm going nowhere how about the threat level aren't you thankful. I would want to appear like the "bad apple" i'm not "evil" but it's madness I hope there wasn't a sign of where it could have happened.

But why all this clamour from looking at the riots people seem to just want to throw rocks at the police and get away with it since going to the police station I figure it's not going to take long for them to explain to bloggers something. So much bad publicity has created tension and on behalf of the people working here I just want to ask excuse me appologize about seeing the middle east go the way it has gone but only because of the media. It's not a long story but we all just continue reacting the way we have despite our anger and remorse and self-reproach the newspaper is not interesting place to box your opponents why not try acting with some intelligence some of them are good. So I feel the need to reflect with the sad news continue posting messages, responding to what has been happening.

Just don't do something it helps if you control yourself looking down at what everyone is talking about the conversation isn't possible because I cannot find something being a role mode even if the community turns it's back on these days is hard the walk is judged based on character lack of interest puts me nowhere closer than where i'm supposed to be going I cannot drop out moving on, hate don't dislike others because anything can happen. I am not a leader or anything I go to the stores and walk outta the club, please don't be upset about the money a computer only get's older with time value the family, friends, lessons learned I don't want to see a big crowd fighting let's be calm behave yourself with the little God has granted you. Don't become violent next to the camera and television reporter that's wrong. I just want to abide by the law even if whoever I know hates me justice our budget here at eoo-networkz isn't paying the bills my aim is to be a socialist, progressive, modernizing myself, the environment, keep up with the street tomorrow, work to achieve from hard work thereover, hereunder, whatever, whenever, whereever.

Slight fall in world's children without schools

bbc.co.uk - The global figure for the number of children without access to schools has fallen to 57 million, according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation.


Hay Festival 2013: Hans Blix: 'Some Iraqis think the war was my fault'

Telegraph - Swedish politician and diplomat Hans Blix talks to David Blair about being the only man who could have potentially prevented the Iraq War - but didn't.

NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily

Exclusive: Top secret court order requiring Verizon to hand over all call data shows scale of domestic surveillance under Obama article

Gaza gastronomy

A women's collective is serving up traditional homemade Palestinian dishes – with an authentic taste


Paris Jackson rushed to hospital after slitting wrist in suicide attempt: sources

Paris Jackson rushed to hospital after slitting wrist in suicide attempt: sources

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