Giants beat Tigers in 10 for Game 4 win, World Series sweep

Cbs Sports - With two outs and a runner on first, Cabrera lofted an opposite-field fly to right - off the bat, it looked like a routine out shy of the warning track. But with winds gusting over 25 mph, the ball kept carrying, Pence kept drifting toward the wall and the crowd kept getting louder. Just like that, it was gone.


Foreign ministry irked by Ferrari's flag gesture

Reuters - The foreign ministry condemned Ferrari on Friday for putting the Italian navy flag on their cars at the Indian Grand Prix in what was seen as a political gesture of support for two Italian navy sailors charged with killing Indian fishermen.


Obama and Romney in final push

Last night, I watched the debate on live television what I imagined is seeing both candidates getting a better pay; plus an ability to reach voters. But my registration card was sent back in the mail so I dunno if i'm going to vote this coming election. I watched in split screen but no questions from the reporter who sat right in front of the President Obama and Fmr Governor Mitt Romney. I tried to think about the topics they were discussing but it just seems like the first lady is controlling the entire show, there's a possibility of this being a one term president. With so much to do in the office I believe the point is being heard at the crossroads, but often when someone is speaking to a large crowd it's difficult controlling what to say. Everybody is all ears as both cadidates are speaking I was talking on the phone for a shortwhile, sometimes nobody wants to talk they just want to keep their secrets no matter the cost. In first place is our president who appears to be in control but not for long something tells me whatever he was talking about was understood by those who support him and that's painful. I just want to say time goes by very fast unlike the previous administration which did their thing. What about if you think they are doing wrong things - Former president Bill Clinton who created fear amongst the people there was tyranny; when his government feared the people there was liberty. leading the nation afterwards was it liberty? it's hard to say. Secondly the challenger Mitt Romney, where is everybody this looks like a stage coach going bananas it's so hot temperature rising but yet things seem normal. When is it the right time for a take over someone's job is on the line the challenger is prepared to smash everything. In our country people go to rallies and listen to politicians no matter if what their saying is true or false. I believe if your going to vote then the card should have gone and not been returned. I am able to listen without being judgmental, acting in front of the nation isn't a gift so why do it? I watch the media and this is just one last waste of time. I talked to three people before watching this debate the previous one at Hoffstra didn't ask very many questions they have done plenty but served nothing. I simply spoke too much to myself and it's now that I figure something is missing, these people must be looking forward to leaving and wanting to win me over so i'm not going to hold them hostage go somewhere. You cannot put a play/drama together that way America, anyway what you want is something to come in and do something but your not willing to look what this one person had to do to get it. Just listening isn't going to make the next step better. So perhaps if we could just elect a new candidate for office would be okay with me, it's clearly not up to me to decide our president just has to either stay or get kicked out. This is one difficult game your playing and it doesn't seem to be working especially when the future depends on it. I am unemployed I intend to find work so I believe Mitt Romney is creating something that is impossible to get back, and he should not give up. We need to pay out debt if not straighten the country a.s.a.p let's not embarrass ourselves "Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom" Thomas Jefferson.


Mega-victory: Kim Dotcom search warrants "invalid," mansion raid "illegal"

Ars Technica ~ A New Zealand judge savages the process used to target Megaupload's Kim Dotcom.

Where the Internet Lives: Google invites you in to see its data centers

While Google does occasionally allow tours of its Californian Googleplex HQ, the Internet giant ain’t so hot on Cont'd


News: Ludacris Busts Out His White Tee & Africa Chain For M.I.A.

Today, I was sitting here singing songs some of them interesting the music on my tv came on it's early selecting channels have to obtain albums, so I have to dance getting up this morning no instrument watch a music video turns off the hiphop light it was awesome. So i'm thinking if possible make notes from these two people technology isn't a think of the past here maybe get creative from hearing his upcoming albums. There is more hiphop information available here. Pres Obama vs Mitt


Hip-hop singer Flo Rida performs at UTA in October

Today, went to our local university campus to look for advertisements in the campus newspaper and couldn't see anything about this upcoming event at the UTA. Everyone is outside so i'm walking out you could hear a pin dropping but some laugher so i'm walking by the waterfall near the library and wondering where everyone going. I guess it was not such a good idea to go there, I had set the event into my phone, so the day really just happen to begin when I got out of bed. I just parked and then walked up the stairs looking around then down; as i'm going across the bridge. No I do not jump I see someone walking next to me. I asked the dame who appears to be Asian where she is going? she told me to class her major is Biology. I continue walking I look forward and continue speaking she looked familiar I think she was in my computer class at the junior college. It's not until afterwards when I enter the building that I realize there's a sign inside saying Banned; there's some writing and crayons. I just sat down to read the newspaper looking for 'Flo Rida' I departed to go back home because I felt tired where's my car. I left in a hurry I guess because it was over no rap concert until the 19th, the girl said next week but I was looking forward to getting in free. The telephone when I called earlier was not answered speaking about coffee I wonder what flavor they want.


danish pavilion: air + port by BIG architects at architecture biennale 2012

Very intereting post concerning a new airport and seaport on a perpendicular axis air + port construction; a hub on the island of angisunnguaq greenland. I agree that clean comfortable roads along the airport to be a wonderful idea, I don't exactly know how long it takes to transform a brick into a lace but the entire thing has to appear very sharp in terms of modern architecture.