Cruz batting sixth as Rangers' designated hitter

The Rangers, hoping to feed off some karma of past playoff success, asked pitcher Colby Lewis to throw out the ceremonial first pitch for Monday's tiebreaker game against the Rays. "It means a lot," Lewis said. "I have been here four years and hopefully they can get something worked out and I can be here for a fifth year. It shows what kind of organization this is and where I want to be. So to get this opportunity when I'm just taking up locker space, it means a lot."

What is the problem with Kenyan techprenuers?

A few weeks ago, I was speaking to my friend and the topic of iHub came up and she made it clear that she can no longer hire or engage someone whose main achievement is working from the iHub. My friend is one of those well adjusted and grounded people cont'd

Revealed: Who Paid For The Westgate Attack? Follow The Money!

Revealed: Who Paid For The Westgate Attack? Follow The Money!


Status Update

Hello, i'm just wanting to stay posted on everything happening within my weblogs, so far there have been innumerable failures so I realize that these are just blogs and nothing more. My blog is a great place to find information relating to social connections i'm not dating anyone but find it justifiable to ask for help when I need it, as a single person it's become very lonely my luck may have changed since visiting a couple of very strange places, and helping some friends. I dunno how to say this but the term "friends" is a term I don't like to label myself & others. Because i'm a nice person I try to look into another persons perspective although since going by a prison, sitting inside a restaurant because I wanted food, asking for loose change, helping someone grab a bite to eat and various other errands i've become cold. So instead of acting like I don't believe in God or what it takes to earn a living i've challenged the way I think to believe that it's tough luck making it in a world where you notice abnormal things but just cannot do anything about where to go next. I have endured pain it's not spain or mexico it's not an argument but a rather harsh warning to make certain changes, so how can this relate to someone who doesn't work? it's true I notice the same argument being placed on me as a person who has yet to accomplish school etc. So I just want to share how difficult it's been to bounce around without speaking to my friends this is the only opportunity where I can explain the reason I haven't spoken to anyone i'm not going to run around chasing anyone because having several blogs doesn't make you wealthy or intelligent it just makes you unapologetic having to go where nobody is going. Writing about things on these blogs has caused me to understand the reason why there is so much silence but still violence affecting my world, so I don't mind coming here to be the coach/administrator.


European shares jump as US Fed sticks to stimulus program

DW - European stock markets have surged strongly after the US Federal Reserve surprised investors on Wednesday by leaving its monetary stimulus program unchanged. Germany's blue-chip DAX index hit a new all-time high.


Google Retools Search Engine

Google has quietly retooled the closely guarded formula running its Internet search engine to give better answers to the increasingly complex questions. Read more: cont'd

Hong Kong’s Millionaires Sprouting Like Dandelions

With a whopping 36% growth rate, Hong Kong's millionaires club just got that little less exclusive Read more: article


Rays All but Crush Yankees’ Wild-Card Hopes

With a shut-out loss, the Yankees were eliminated from the American League’s first wild-card spot Tuesday as they fell six games behind the Rays with five to play. Yankees offer fans 2014 tickets after Mariano Rivera bobblehead fiasco


Deadly mall assault caught police off guard

Another officer who spoke to the Sunday Nation said police have for years warned that Westgate Mall was a high risk target for terrorists. “They have finally done it and the tragedy is that we did not know,” said the officer, who had gone shopping in the mall before the attack occurred. He said that together with the people hiding in the toilet, they barricaded the door. He hid his official ID as a precaution.

Westgate Mall

Hello, I just got the news about an hour ago police shooting incident at the Westgate Centre mall in east africa; nairobi. I guess they asked these people inside the shopping mall who appeared to be muslim to leave/exit the premises "gunshots" could be heard etc.. .What happened next 39 innocent victims various people injured those claiming responsiblity include Al-Shabbab & Al-Qaeda main aim to spread a propaganda war. More: Scenes from the Nairobi Westgate shooting Huge cocaine haul seized on Air France plane in Paris Kenya shopping centre attack


Tom Hanks, CNN co-produce 1960s documentary series kicking off with Kennedy assassination

Tom Hanks, CNN co-produce 1960s documentary series kicking off with Kennedy assassination Read more:


Made in America: a look inside Motorola's Moto X factory

The Verge - An old Nokia facility has been resurrected to crank out 100,000 new smartphones per week

Watch the full Burberry London fashion show shot entirely with an iPhone 5s (Video)

Since leaving Apple is all everyone is talking about the cellular phones be on/off but as soon as the class start your focused. So I walked past the customer svc counter and there isn't anyone over there where did they go? it happened all so suddenly like a dream you know taking an idea and blowing it all out of proportion. Walmart is artsy with it's fancy commercial i'm not against it's fantastic drive to please consumers drive paste there just to get to the highway sometimes it's a new store in a cool neighbourhood. If people really want an Apple there are other brands winning it takes effort the cellular phone market is high tech could have been old or cheap expecially when the stuff at Walmart gets way more buzz. So since you can find whatever you want at their music section where Apple computers are sold, I don't think there is anywhere else I could come to for me to get my hands on their concepts. A fortune 500 company putting it's merchandise on sale like that is incredible I see some noodles but don't want to offer them so maybe might need to obtain the late Steve Jobs book. So I been wondering where else to accelerate my technology africans aren't bothered just notice the GPS and satellite companies making moves I am beginning to wonder just like he did about cleaning up and setting up shop, the look alikes it's not a joke, the videogames and obvious wealth increases nobody else left but me here. Want to get wealthy attempting to get thru towards the performers leave Walmart & businessmen alone just promote Macintoshes.

'GTA 5': 'Grand Theft Auto 5' Cheats, Codes, Tricks, Tips And Hints For PS3

'GTA 5': 'Grand Theft Auto 5' Cheats, Codes, Tricks, Tips And Hints For PS3


Nina Sky – Your Favorite Twins

Nina Sky – Your Favorite Twins

Navy Yard Washington massacre

Today I was at the D/FW Airport attempting to exit but couldn't offer the booth $2 because I don't have any stickers. Just yesterday when I arrived from leaving home I heard about the Washington Massacre which happened at the Naval Station or "Yard" as some may call it right before entering the access control office to obtain a security clearance badge. I don't have any money this is just an attempt to pay off a bill which is owed to Mastercard, since I was the only person watching from Terminal D a woman stopped by to tell me that "there is always something happening" but I didn't want to hold a conversation I had to be there tuesday @2pm not monday. Yesterday was just one crazy morning I was seated at the traffic light nearby where I stay at and as soon as I get on the highway I see smoke coming from the tailpipe of this one car I really didn't hear music it's in the morning i'm running the errand. Until like I got to hear what happened in DC something happened a few passengers walking by, unlike the police officers going behind a certain lady 2 cop cars Samsung showing CNN some cars pumping gas i'm not at home i'm at the aiport gone towards the south exit not concerned about Asian. So I want to ask does everything have to be so complicated I didn't bother asking the passengers any more questions because i'm over here watching the television some cops following me though I suppose they were searching for weapons. I was running short of breath maybe because I had gone past a middle school where kids walk normally standing outside early morning rush hour. Just without the traffic some cars on the road I feel sleepy some convo and music otherwise I needed to get this complete before Business ends. I left but it's like everytime i'm leaving them their giving me a hard time with the questions about money, so I kinda got offended by them because the dude asked for my driving license and i'm unable to cough out $4.

After I was done speaking to the office the lady called and told me about the process I had left her desk to go past the Avianca offices door it's clearly midday and the television is showing something different from the previous episode so I didn't watch the entire clip but missed the International news.

Avianca in Colombia cancels some domestic flights amid pay dispute

Reuters - Colombian airline Avianca has canceled 160 domestic flights through next Wednesday after pilots demanding higher pay refused to work overtime, the company said.


Kenyan politicians to blame for ICC trials, Kofi Annan says

Nation - Mr Annan recounted in his commentary the terms of the agreement he brokered in his role as chairman of the African Union Panel of Eminent African Personalities.

He noted that the Waki Commission, formed to investigate responsibility for the violence, concluded that the killings and destruction were "not just spontaneous, but, in at least some areas, a result of planning and organisation, often with the involvement of politicians and businessmen."


Riley Cooper, Cary Williams scuffle

Williams has a history of on-field incidents. He was fined twice last season, while playing for the Baltimore Ravens, for extracurricular behavior. He and Jackson were fined $10,000 for after-the-whistle shoving in a game between the Ravens and Eagles. Williams was fined $15,750 for a late hit against Denver. He was also caught shoving an official in the Super Bowl.

Just last month, Williams was tossed out of a joint practice session with the Patriots for getting into a facemask-grabbing tussle with a Patriots wide receiver.

"He tries to annoy receivers," Jackson said. "We have to show we're tough, too."


Deadly Kenyan Crash Underscores Traffic Safety Woes

NYTimes - A passenger bus flipped over along the curve of one of Kenya’s notoriously dangerous roads, shearing off the roof and leaving 41 people dead.

Lord Ashdown: Britain 'greatly diminished' after Syria vote

Telegraph - Former Liberal Democrat leader Lord Ashdown says he thinks Britain "is greatly diminished" and feels "depressed and ashamed" following yesterday's Commons vote on Syria action.

Housekeeping and Other Feudalisms: an interview with Athina Rachel Tsangari


Jay-Z Interview in the Power 105.1 Karmaloop Studio | Karmaloop TV

Jay-Z Interview in the Power 105.1 Karmaloop Studio | Karmaloop TV


Samsun is a city of about half a million people on the north coast of Turkey. It is the provincial capital of Samsun Province and a major Black Sea port.