Paris killings leave France troubled by 30 years of failure with immigrants | The Japan Times

Paris killings leave France troubled by 30 years of failure with immigrants | The Japan Times

When I saw this in the news I couldn't believe it because terrorism in Paris, France it's such a nice place to live you can see it on Mtv but because of it's an atomic event sparking ridicule some of which doesn't get placed in the media European citizens act different compared to the Americans. This event of terrorism may have been avoided but I am sad to realize that it happened and at such a time when the entire world is paying attention to the media and watching CNN during the morning. Nothing has to happen in order for me to pay attention but it's been very loud lately with the Northern hemisphere voting a black president into office for his second term, and the advent of the religious extremist who carries a loaded handgun on behalf of his philosophical beliefs. Anyway, I knew somewhere along the line something would happen maybe if I could understand the population boom and subsequent realization that it's not fair to capitalize on certain things. How is someone supposed to even think when you don't know what really happened it's just obvious discovering the ups and downs of life thru the hardships which force some to make ends meet. There is a big gap between the rich and the poor since society values the achievements being conducted in schools, there is a lot of violence happening there on a day to day base people get shot and schools get evacuated just don't look or think about this to be a place where you can go since you cannot get hired to work at the airport or ramp. These individuals needed someone to give them some attention inside their heads they were probably not intending to destroy the French empire but as it turns out they had followers some of whom have yet to be apprehended. So I think it's well worth reminding the authorities about the way it looked because turning around is easy for some and very awkward for others, the poor have to struggle with the belief that it happened yet the rich get paranoid and forced to shop. France will have to understand the origins of hate maybe it doesn't involve their country going to extremes to challenge society, educate those Jihadist or Egyptian because it appears on that day someone just got toasted and recalled the revolution.


Teresa Giudice's Secret Prison Workout in 3 Fabulicious GIFs

Yahoo TV - Imprisoned "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice is really suffering right now. She's without her fancy wardrobe, her gourmet meals, and her spa treatments. But they won't take her figure, damn it!

Meek Mill, Big Sean And A$AP Ferg Live It Up In “B-Boy” Video



Dallas/Fort Worth lands another Gulf carrier

I recently made a stop at the cargo facility at D/FW when I arrived I asked the woman sitting inside if they had jobs, the name of the biz was Airbus Helicopter. Anyway, she spoke to me and afterwards I went past the now closed off BA warehouse they are now inside the Lufthansa office indoors next to Avianca. So I walked in because I had to ask some questions about getting work and was asked to go upstairs after filing out my application the office is however very tiny and you can sit next to the water fountain the reservation desk. I notice they don't have any pen so I am offered one as i'm filling out my application I am sitting down it's cold outside I had just spoken to someone working for Menzies Aviation and she requested that I go fill out my application online. So I am here writing I don't want to return to the airport because I have encountered trouble, but since I just left there a minute ago I arrive back to wait outside and think. This time however I am told I cannot obtain work so my hopes are stained afterwards I ask the woman inside the Air General offices, how come they haven't called me and she responds and I just turn around and walk out. I usually notice the Lufthansa technic officials back as i'm looking into their office spaces, since I can last recall someone walked out of the Emirates cargo office to my surprise I wasn't kicked or knocked down. So this Japanese gentleman who I realize was sitting in his office explained to me that he owned a company but could only allow or hire me if I filled out the application and returned it back, I was desperate for a job so I ask him what they do there and he just said cleaning. The woman who refused to hire me and/or the company is called WWFS I am always requesting that they hire me but they refused, a certain lady took me into their office and she said I needed to go online they weren't taking any more applications. But I did notice this time around the Qatar Cargo door which was towards the left as I am walking by. So personally it's just a place where you can be asking questions and nobody around to respond I don't look forward to coming back because I normally drove off.

Dallas/Fort Worth lands another Gulf carrier

Meek Mill And Puma Debut Dreamchasers Collection

Vibe - Puma recently linked with MMG rapper Meek Mill for the launch of the Dreamchasers Collection shoes -- which includes two out of this world ...


Japan: Still working to free hostages after unverified video

Yahoo! - TOKYO (AP) — A visibly shaken Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said early Sunday that Japan was working to free two hostages held by the extremist Islamic State group, calling a new online video purporting to show that one had been killed "outrageous and unforgiveable."

Rajon Rondo: Benching 'no big deal'

ESPN NBA - Rajon Rondo, the four-time All-Star point guard whose prowess in the clutch was cited by the Dallas Mavericks' brass when they acquired him in a December blockbuster trade, was benched for the final 5:12 of Friday night's 102-98 loss to the Chicago Bulls.


Diplo Says He Knows Taylor Swift's 'Secrets' And He's 'Scared For His Life'

Diplo apparently knows Taylor Swift's "secrets," and he's scared. The "secrets" he is referring to are unclear in his interview with GQ for the magazine's February 2015 issue. The DJ was included in GQ's list of 19 Musicians T...


Roger Federer crashes out of Australian Open after shock defeat to Andreas Seppi in third round

Swiss No 2 seed is a surprise casualty in the third round of the Australian Open after losing in four sets cont'd.

Jennifer Lopez on Shooting that ‘Weird’ But Cheer-Worthy Sex Scene in ‘Boy Next Door’

Yahoo Movies - Here’s a first: At an advance screening of Jennifer Lopez’s new thriller The Boy Next Door, there was a smattering of applause after the actress’s steamy sex scene opposite younger co-star Ryan Guzman. Yes, it got the type of reaction audiences usually reserve for Iron Man or James Bond’s climactic discarding of a diabolical villain.


Status Update

Today, I am sitting at my mothers house and figure it's about time for yet another update. Since coming back I understand there has been alot happening and the year is starting off well it looks like the people with the good jobs haven't been reaching out to the person at the bottom without one, and I would like to share my expertise since I been living in a house. I don't yet know exactly how I will go about getting money to pay bills since I have been looking for somewhere to live my mother doesn't want me staying here because we always get into arguments and the cops show up. Since the last episode where I went and spent alot of money using a credit card the police woman asked me to stop spending her money and do whatever necessary in trying to find my own stuff. While I was sitting here the television is usually on I was terminated because I went to do something inside the airport and my boss told me I needed to sit down with the company president to explain why I did what I did. So I don't want to be a pest but I don't like speaking to police especially law enforcement who knock on the door, and demand entering to speak to people, this same complaint happened when we used to live in the old residence. And it happened when I returned home to watch the two American Airlines jets slamming against the twin towers I was online and don't know who said what. People just expect to run around like their your friends when your the one with the bill even if their your relatives living in America bad things can happen it's not a mansion you know we have had get togethers and it's drama always something strange going down on my block where I live. I am however not buying those rap cd's so how you go about extinguishing such a case, I am aware of just a few. When I worked at the mall as a sales associate and my boss asked me to come to look good, she told me I need to shave and wear nice shoes several times, it's not serious but she wrote me up and I was fired.

Since I need money I know some of you have to work during the day and I would like to appologize because I have sometimes put things into my basket at the grocery store and been told I couldn't walk out with anything to continue shopping for albums such as these ones. I got terminated the day I took someone to the immigration office this sounds childish to me because I have so far not been able to understand certain problems regarding my family but in due time maybe we get along. Obey orders I don't want to change what I see but because i've already tried doing it I wanted us to pray for the french government in these trying times, they seem to offer french people widsom during the day where you can sit and get to witness their leader Francois Hollande who often speaks to his people. I would like to see our leader do the same president Barrack would like to increase taxes when everything like food is so expensive, what do I have to offer when the police come knocking. I notice the rioting and yelling about burning things down it's not right I was never here when it got out of hand back in the early 90's i've heard it mentioned, what's trending this year? when will it end. As for the idea that you can use planes for traveling it's nothing old but I do consider hearing poetry more because it's a new year the partying shouldn't end but the obvious partying on rodeo drive needs to be controlled. I heard people party but it's like a loud house party and not at the Beverly Hills Hilton where you can get work, people should just stop stop all this moving and rushing to the bank where I can talk about Escalades and rap using cellular phones. Maybe it's too late to ask questions but 2015 should be hype just look at the watch the payments and trust nobody it's a monica I keep hearing and wanting to follow up on.

Your welcome to knock on my door at anytime the television could be on and I may be coming back from school or whatever, you don't need to sell your things to be happy. Also I would like to share the top track of 2014, I was driving along the tollway checking out somethings and I notice some workers repairing a house. Very impressive I thought to myself but I cannot afford buying that so this year it's not going to be about lavish expensive expenses but about making resolutions. I want to loose weight pray that I can make ends meet, last year there were too many jokes but it shouldn't stop.

As Ebola Deaths Rise, Researcher Sees Parallels with Devastating Medieval Plague

As Ebola Deaths Rise, Researcher Sees Parallels with Devastating Medieval Plague

Mageta Villas

Mageta Villas

Trance: movie review

Trance website

Review - Danny Boyle is a director who likes to pull us back from the brink. In “Trainspotting,” “Slumdog Millionaire,” “28 Days Later,” and “127 Hours,” he ...

Rosario Dawson is positively hypnotizing in GQ


designboom visits isay weinfeld's studio in são paulo

Design boom - isay weinfeld's work is grounded on the belief that there is no distinction between the process of designing of a chair, and the process of designing a building.

Mercedes-benz F 015 self-driving, luxury sedan concept debuts at CES

the autonomous driving vehicle made its world premiere at CES 2015 where it showcased how the future of the automobile is becoming a private retreat cont'd.


Panetta: We're facing 'much more aggressive form of terrorism'

Fareed speaks with former CIA Director Leon Panetta about how the U.S. should respond to the recent terrorist attack in Paris. Watch the full interview on GPS this Sunday at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. ET on CNN.


DMX - The Omen (Damien II) (feat. Marilyn Manson) Lyric#.VLtDbZU5CM-#.VLtDbZU5CM-

DMX - The Omen (Damien II) (feat. Marilyn Manson) Lyric#.VLtDbZU5CM-#.VLtDbZU5CM-

Obama seeking tax increases on wealthy to help middle class

President Barack Obama will call for increasing taxes on the wealthiest Americans by raising the capital gains rate and eliminating a tax break on inheritances, then using the revenue to fund new tax credits cont'd.


Wu-Tang Clan Will Sell Just One Copy of its Secret Album

"This is like somebody having the scepter of an Egyptian king," says RZA cont'd.

Charlie Hebdo co-founder: Prophet cartoons went too far

CNN Money - A co-founder of Charlie Hebdo disagreed with the French magazine's decision to publish cartoon depictions of the Prophet Mohammed and says he is upset with the magazine's slain editor, Stephane Charbonnier.


Kenya pastor gunned down in coastal church attack

Reuters MOMBASA, Kenya (Reuters) - A pastor was shot dead in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa when unknown gunmen struck during a church service on Sunday in a neighbourhood hit by several attacks in recent months.

May Fidel’s death be rallying point for a middle ground

Daily Nation - It is tempting to look at this loss to the Odingas in the context of the setbacks they have experienced in political life.

Status Update

Today, I spent most of the day indoors it's cold outside now very early in the morning since last night watching the latest news coming from East Africa anyway it's been a long evening when I started off shopping for stuff i'm now completely alone. When I arrived back home I stepped into my mothers house and had to tune into Ukraine media, although it's taking aeons to repair my car I hope maybe soon I get to sit inside the repair shop where I usually drive by. I also need my car system fixed this isn't doing it kinda sounds small I would like for it get loud but just don't know when the income from pay will settle, so it's going to take some time before your able to hear me talk about how nice my car audio is depending on who is going to help repair it. I don't see why I shouldn't have a job nothing else left to do it's rain wet outside temp feels like 27°.

INNA - Diggy Down feat. Marian Hill (Official Video)


Former Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee Thinks Jay Z’s A Pimp And Beyoncé A Sex Object

XXL Magazine - In the latest installment of politicians speaking recklessly about musicians they know nothing about, failed Presidential candidate and Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee voiced his opinion on music’s royal couple Jay Z and Beyoncé.

Snoop Dogg Surprises Tyrese With Strippers For His Birthday During 'Dumb Shit' Video Shoot

Snoop Dogg Surprises Tyrese With Strippers For His Birthday During 'Dumb Shit' Video Shoot | Watch Hip Hop Music Videos & New Rap Videos | HipHopDX


Precision Airdrop Systems Land at CENTCOM On Time

WASHINGTON -- The Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS) is meant to land cargo exactly where it needs to go. But how would Tobyhanna Army Depot read more.

How Miami Will Change in 2015

Ocean Drive - Barely a minute into the New Year, Miami is already growing to new heights and becoming a city with even more depth. Here’s everything you need to know about what’s going down in the 305 in 2015.

Disunited? Non, say the French in face of magazine massacre

PARIS, Jan 8 – Long plagued by deep political divisions and accused of chronic discontent and disunity, FranceFrance has set its differences aside and pulled together after a deadly Islamist attack on freedom of speech.

In the bloodbath on Wednesday, two gunmen burst into the Paris offices of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, shot a maintenance worker in the reception area before moving to the newsroom where they killed prominent journalists and cartoonists, a policeman and visitor, and later executed another officer who tried to stop them.

Scared but defiant: cartoonists raise pencils to Charlie Hebdo

Capital FM LONDON, Jan 8 – Cartoonists around the world put pencil to paper in solidarity with the Charlie Hebdo artists slaughtered in Paris, admitting their own fear of being targeted but vowing they would not be silenced.


Auto sales soar in December as industry logs best year since 2006

LA Times - “U.S. auto sales are dancing to a very different, and we believe unsustainable, beat,” said Adam Jonas, an analyst with Morgan Stanley Research.


New Video: Machine Gun Kelly “Till I Die”

Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, purchase the single on iTunes and watch the VEVO premiere.


Tinashe on the cover of VMagazine’s annual music issue

Romo Wins Another Award As The Cowboys' Momentum Builds

SB Nation - The Dallas players don't care about individual honors, but there is a bigger message that can be read into them. This team is a juggernaut rolling into the playoffs.

Status Update

Happy New-Year I would like to speak now that I am able to use the web from a safe place although I haven't found work I intend to continue blogging and maintaining this place until I find a job and am able to speak again. My finances don't allow me to do just anything but i've been getting around in my Honda Accord, I am usually able to just receive news and notice e-mails I was looking for work some place nearby. I am not the richest person the Korean military and bureau 21 are all over the newspaper often with nothing but marching propaganda to make you watch CNN they even infiltrated my ability to find interesting things to hear on the air so my radio is tuned to North/South Korea on-air station but I it's a long story they're obviously occupied with hacking Sony Pictures. I just arrived home from outdoors there are very many cars on the road I got a ticket because I made a mistake twice already because I seem to think the bigger things get the faster it becomes. How much are they charging you to drive in your state well since I watched the webcams and found many aren't driving Land-Rover it's not going to be easy approaching someone who isn't even into the ocean. I look forward to speaking more now that I no longer work but the movie theater isn't where I expected someone to look me in the eye and give me a movie pass. I simply entered the building and paid for two tickets but only watched one film it was a long afternoon my cousin had just been admitted to a hospital so I left them there to come back home, I almost didn't arrive but Harry Hines was full of people following the Kansas City Royals loss to the San-Francisco Giants rip.

Win or lose, the Royals still don't know what they're doing

What it looks like to lose World Series Game 7


Christie Brinkley Shows Off Amazing Bikini Bod at 60

Yahoo News - Heaven, indeed! Christie Brinkley kicked off 2015 right, soaking up the sun on the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos with her three children. The model, who turns 61 next month, proudly showed off her amazing bikini body on while on vacation.

Real Housewife Teresa Giudice Heads to Prison

go here

AirAsia QZ8501: Search efforts to find flight data recorders resume

BBC News - The search mission to find the flight data recorders from the crashed AirAsia passenger plane has resumed, as weather conditions improve over the Java Sea.

Tracking Fidel: Inside the final hours of Raila Odinga’s son

Tracking Fidel: Inside the final hours of Raila Odinga’s son
Read more at: article 1

Fidel Odinga's burial set for Saturday
Read more at: link


Fran silvestre arquitectos shapes balint house with elliptical forms

the residence boasts a continuous sweeping facade that not only encloses the building, but also disguises the visual impact of the two-storey (read more)

UPDATED – Fidel Odinga is Dead (PHOTOS)

Fidel Odinga was no stranger to showbiz and was regularly spotted in many events hanging out and working with the industry personalities.

Kenyan Police begin tracing Fidel Odinga's last moments
Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000146712/police-begin-tracing-fidel-odinga-s-last-moments.

I feel very sad to be have discovered the sad news I am usually unable to log on but since I just spoke to my family from Facebook, I would like to just say enough is enough. The first time I read an article about him was when they said he won the Kibera senate seat, this obviously marks and/or leaves people out in the cold because the party from Nigeria to East Africa known as ODM Orange Democratic Movement places many unannounced members involved in politics. Politician Raila Odinga comes from Bonn they come from where my family and friends are today, it comes as a suprise many fled from the country after various episodes of terrorism and ethnic violence to see what the previous presidents have done to our tribe I have to mention how terrible it's become. Let's just say a lot has been happening in Parliament alot is owed to us very sad news, about Raila's son what was and still could have been a young politician attempting to gain support but ends up dead. Watching the election wasn't terrible but I expected the Luo tribe in Kenya to make it thru without direction putting dreams aside so many words but just no energy and time for such things these announcements Fidel's death leaves a gap in Odinga's family don't take me being an ODM member by suprise.

Stuart Scott dies at age of 49

ESPN News - Stuart Scott, a longtime anchor at ESPN, died Sunday morning at the age of 49.

Also must read the Hip-Hop Reacts To Stuart Scott Passing On Twitter headliner from XXL Magazine.