Status Update

Today, I am sitting at my mothers house and figure it's about time for yet another update. Since coming back I understand there has been alot happening and the year is starting off well it looks like the people with the good jobs haven't been reaching out to the person at the bottom without one, and I would like to share my expertise since I been living in a house. I don't yet know exactly how I will go about getting money to pay bills since I have been looking for somewhere to live my mother doesn't want me staying here because we always get into arguments and the cops show up. Since the last episode where I went and spent alot of money using a credit card the police woman asked me to stop spending her money and do whatever necessary in trying to find my own stuff. While I was sitting here the television is usually on I was terminated because I went to do something inside the airport and my boss told me I needed to sit down with the company president to explain why I did what I did. So I don't want to be a pest but I don't like speaking to police especially law enforcement who knock on the door, and demand entering to speak to people, this same complaint happened when we used to live in the old residence. And it happened when I returned home to watch the two American Airlines jets slamming against the twin towers I was online and don't know who said what. People just expect to run around like their your friends when your the one with the bill even if their your relatives living in America bad things can happen it's not a mansion you know we have had get togethers and it's drama always something strange going down on my block where I live. I am however not buying those rap cd's so how you go about extinguishing such a case, I am aware of just a few. When I worked at the mall as a sales associate and my boss asked me to come to look good, she told me I need to shave and wear nice shoes several times, it's not serious but she wrote me up and I was fired.

Since I need money I know some of you have to work during the day and I would like to appologize because I have sometimes put things into my basket at the grocery store and been told I couldn't walk out with anything to continue shopping for albums such as these ones. I got terminated the day I took someone to the immigration office this sounds childish to me because I have so far not been able to understand certain problems regarding my family but in due time maybe we get along. Obey orders I don't want to change what I see but because i've already tried doing it I wanted us to pray for the french government in these trying times, they seem to offer french people widsom during the day where you can sit and get to witness their leader Francois Hollande who often speaks to his people. I would like to see our leader do the same president Barrack would like to increase taxes when everything like food is so expensive, what do I have to offer when the police come knocking. I notice the rioting and yelling about burning things down it's not right I was never here when it got out of hand back in the early 90's i've heard it mentioned, what's trending this year? when will it end. As for the idea that you can use planes for traveling it's nothing old but I do consider hearing poetry more because it's a new year the partying shouldn't end but the obvious partying on rodeo drive needs to be controlled. I heard people party but it's like a loud house party and not at the Beverly Hills Hilton where you can get work, people should just stop stop all this moving and rushing to the bank where I can talk about Escalades and rap using cellular phones. Maybe it's too late to ask questions but 2015 should be hype just look at the watch the payments and trust nobody it's a monica I keep hearing and wanting to follow up on.

Your welcome to knock on my door at anytime the television could be on and I may be coming back from school or whatever, you don't need to sell your things to be happy. Also I would like to share the top track of 2014, I was driving along the tollway checking out somethings and I notice some workers repairing a house. Very impressive I thought to myself but I cannot afford buying that so this year it's not going to be about lavish expensive expenses but about making resolutions. I want to loose weight pray that I can make ends meet, last year there were too many jokes but it shouldn't stop.

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