Paris killings leave France troubled by 30 years of failure with immigrants | The Japan Times

Paris killings leave France troubled by 30 years of failure with immigrants | The Japan Times

When I saw this in the news I couldn't believe it because terrorism in Paris, France it's such a nice place to live you can see it on Mtv but because of it's an atomic event sparking ridicule some of which doesn't get placed in the media European citizens act different compared to the Americans. This event of terrorism may have been avoided but I am sad to realize that it happened and at such a time when the entire world is paying attention to the media and watching CNN during the morning. Nothing has to happen in order for me to pay attention but it's been very loud lately with the Northern hemisphere voting a black president into office for his second term, and the advent of the religious extremist who carries a loaded handgun on behalf of his philosophical beliefs. Anyway, I knew somewhere along the line something would happen maybe if I could understand the population boom and subsequent realization that it's not fair to capitalize on certain things. How is someone supposed to even think when you don't know what really happened it's just obvious discovering the ups and downs of life thru the hardships which force some to make ends meet. There is a big gap between the rich and the poor since society values the achievements being conducted in schools, there is a lot of violence happening there on a day to day base people get shot and schools get evacuated just don't look or think about this to be a place where you can go since you cannot get hired to work at the airport or ramp. These individuals needed someone to give them some attention inside their heads they were probably not intending to destroy the French empire but as it turns out they had followers some of whom have yet to be apprehended. So I think it's well worth reminding the authorities about the way it looked because turning around is easy for some and very awkward for others, the poor have to struggle with the belief that it happened yet the rich get paranoid and forced to shop. France will have to understand the origins of hate maybe it doesn't involve their country going to extremes to challenge society, educate those Jihadist or Egyptian because it appears on that day someone just got toasted and recalled the revolution.

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