Dallas/Fort Worth lands another Gulf carrier

I recently made a stop at the cargo facility at D/FW when I arrived I asked the woman sitting inside if they had jobs, the name of the biz was Airbus Helicopter. Anyway, she spoke to me and afterwards I went past the now closed off BA warehouse they are now inside the Lufthansa office indoors next to Avianca. So I walked in because I had to ask some questions about getting work and was asked to go upstairs after filing out my application the office is however very tiny and you can sit next to the water fountain the reservation desk. I notice they don't have any pen so I am offered one as i'm filling out my application I am sitting down it's cold outside I had just spoken to someone working for Menzies Aviation and she requested that I go fill out my application online. So I am here writing I don't want to return to the airport because I have encountered trouble, but since I just left there a minute ago I arrive back to wait outside and think. This time however I am told I cannot obtain work so my hopes are stained afterwards I ask the woman inside the Air General offices, how come they haven't called me and she responds and I just turn around and walk out. I usually notice the Lufthansa technic officials back as i'm looking into their office spaces, since I can last recall someone walked out of the Emirates cargo office to my surprise I wasn't kicked or knocked down. So this Japanese gentleman who I realize was sitting in his office explained to me that he owned a company but could only allow or hire me if I filled out the application and returned it back, I was desperate for a job so I ask him what they do there and he just said cleaning. The woman who refused to hire me and/or the company is called WWFS I am always requesting that they hire me but they refused, a certain lady took me into their office and she said I needed to go online they weren't taking any more applications. But I did notice this time around the Qatar Cargo door which was towards the left as I am walking by. So personally it's just a place where you can be asking questions and nobody around to respond I don't look forward to coming back because I normally drove off.

Dallas/Fort Worth lands another Gulf carrier

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