There's not much happening everything is going well i'm trying to stay up with everything going on. My blog has been taking up alotta space if you've noticed the space it's taking up?? I hope your wired because I notice the Apple commercials. I wonder if it's just me that doesn't use the web on a daily basis. Today I watched the trials there isn't anything to do about it I Google realization is i'm not going to be able to even go, so just know that i'm looking forward to watching it live. Please stay tuned to the radio/phone/tv i'm often listening to BBC. Since I am unemployed there is no telling how the London 2012 games are going to go down for me but think about it. If you've seen/heard something about Asian Games also preview here.


Syrian forces fire at second Turkish plane -Turkey

Military turboprop transport plane not hit, no one hurt * Turkey: F-4 jet downing won't go unpunished but no war aims * Syria says had no choice but to shoot down jet last week * Ankara ... News clip Turkish Phantom jet fighter Russia Shot Down Turkish F-4 Jet, not Syria, Claims Ankara Opposition MP

Britain and Ecuador at Standoff Over Assange’s Bid for Asylum

NYT - Mr. Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, prepared to spend a second night on Wednesday in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, to which he fled seeking asylum.


Miami Heat Wins NBA Championship: What Hollywood Is Saying

Please read this article about tonight's NBA game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat, i'm sorry I wasn't able to follow game 5 until just moments ago. I realized I hit the bottom walking out before the second half started I could see the Miami stadium crowd in there players around the court it was oldschool. I will post as many headlines as possible but they definately weren't going to give OKC a chance. As soon as Boston Celtics lost I didn't really want to know what would happen next, because Dallas Mavericks got slammed and it's just now clear who owned the rim and is the baddest.
Defining the Finals: LeBron, Durant
Coach K: LeBron James will play
Thousands celebrate Heat title
LeBron James captures his first championship as Heat win NBA Finals


Meet Comex, The 19-Year-Old iPhone Uber-Hacker Who Keeps Outsmarting Apple

Forbes - “It feels like editing an English paper,” Allegra says simply, his voice croaking as if he just woke up, though we’re speaking at 9:30 pm. “You just go through and look for errors. I don’t know why I seem to be so effective at it.” Techcrunch - Meet The Disrupt NY 2012 Hackathon Hackers


LinkedIn breach puts site's reputation on the line

Reuters - LinkedIn Corp's silence on the extent of a security breach that exposed millions of user passwords has damaged its reputation among some business professionals, and may slow the growing company's rise if the breach turns out to be more serious than disclosed.


Reuters Africa top stories

Who among the seven longest serving African leaders will be deposed next?
Operation Somalia: The U.S., Ethiopia and now Kenya
Ethiopia did it five years ago, the Americans a while back. Now Kenya has rolled tanks and troops across its arid frontier into lawless Somalia, in another campaign to stamp out a rag-tag militia of Islamist rebels that has stoked terror throughout the region with threats of strikes. Will 2012 see more strong men of Africa leave office? Was South Africa right to deny Dalai Lama a visa? The children of Dadaab: Life through the lens
Through my video “The children of Dadaab: Life through the Lens” I wanted to tell the story of the Somali children living in Kenya’s Dadaab. Living in the world’s largest refugee camp, they are the ones bearing the brunt of Africa’s worst famine in sixty years.


Toronto eyes 2024 Summer Olympics

Mayor Rob Ford votes in favour of studying the idea floated as last-minute request to council. please read Toronto's previous failed Olympic bids


Moving to India: Cost of Living

Typepad - 'How much will it cost me to live well in Mumbai or Delhi? ... calls cost Rs 1 (2.2c) per minute on average, international calls to the US and EU ...


USMegachurch pastor Creflo Dollar arrested

ATLANTA (AP) — Megachurch pastor and televangelist Creflo Dollar — who has drawn scrutiny for his flashy lifestyle and preaching that prosperity is good — was arrested early Friday after authorities say he slightly hurt his 15-year-old daughter in a fight at his metro Atlanta home.

WorldAl-Qaida incites Tunisians against ruling party

CAIRO (AP) — Al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri called on the Tunisian people to rise up against the country's Islamist ruling party for accepting a constitution not based on Islamic Shariah law, according to a recording released Sunday.

WorldEgypt pulls TV spots warning about foreigners

CAIRO (AP) — Egypt's government has pulled TV public service announcements that warned against talking to foreigners because they might be spies after critics charged the spots fueled xenophobia and aimed to tarnish those behind last year's uprising.

Video: Floyd Mayweather predicts Packman's fight being rigged


I was watchign the news just now and found some disturbing images about an accident that happened in my home country of Kenia. Fortunately I know the politicians who are involved in the accident. Since the beginning of the yr stuff has reached climax because it seems as though matters keep flooding the web about various topics things beyond my control. The east african region where it happened may sometimes get ignored by the camera today was just one of those days when I received the sad news, take a look at the article. For instance i've read tweets mentioning flights taken that happened to be dangerous, and have even heard convo about choppers. I just didn't think this type of stuff could happen to cops and senior government official following the bomb blast which rocked Nairobi this past week. The plane mentioned was a factory AS350B3e Ecureuil helicopter a recent acquisition by the Kenya Police Air Wing from Eurocopter Southern Africa (Pty). The cause of the crash is said "poor weather" I urge you as well as others to pray for the family if it's for real may the victims rest in peace.