New coalitions, old faces dominate Italy vote

DW takes a look at the Italian elections. Many of the coalitions have new names, but will February 2013 mark a turning point for the country, or is it the same content repackaged with new campaign strategies?

Why Uhuru Kenyatta Will Be Defeated On March 4th

Allow me to be precise and up to the point with truth in this dying moments of electoral campaigns in Kenya. In a sincere observation of the underlying issues; it is clear to all and sundry that Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta of the Jubilee Coalition is set for defeat come March 4th. Cont'd



Grief Besets Family of Pistorius' Slain Girlfriend

link - The case is over but I hear the suspect is scheduled back in court in a few months. Anyway it doesn't seem like anyone cares because following the incident which took place in South Africa people were asked what they thought some citizens believe Oscar Pistorious to be guilty. He's now free on bail sometimes it's impossible explaining to people, I for instance have never been to Pretoria, the South African what happened? it appears like a fallout over the Olympic star something like revenge, a crazy episode where the female is drawing back and the audience being told exactly how it happened. A crime commited like his family taking flowers and spreading the news, why weren't phone calls made? if you ask questions nobody will seem to want to care because it's a love affair gone askew. Sometimes you cannot affectively realize certain problems but relationships are difficult to maintain especially the ones involving family members. I wasn't able to agree with the courtroom some are sitting down pretending to be working on the case, while others are thinking to themselves really unable to cling to it. I might have found the story boring because the suspect is a famous athlete with blood on his hands or perhaps it wasn't believable how the crime scene happenes to be a Villa. Taking them for a walk telling us about his lifestyle, when really his girlfriend was the victim, perhaps this was a violent relationship involving friends, but a confusing end to a perhaps innocent episode of socializing; allow the jury not the judge in court to give the final verdict. The law in their country is very hopeless it's possible that he may have seen who did it and didn't want to see her die how to follow? i've seen so many trials held on television???? i've got to start from somewhere nobody seems to care about this woman so she's upset.


French troops in Mali take Gao airport from Islamist rebels

Residents of Sevare, on road to Gao, welcome French soldiers with around 600 troops were said to be on their way to Timbuktu article


Securing Your Mobile Devices

In this article I’ll discuss the main threats associated with using Wi-Fi connections, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, and how to combat them.