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Earlier watched an edition of BBC news where they showed some youth soccer players from Africa who appear underage. They seem like future coaches but the segment asked is there a possibility for a world cup getting played in Kenya? answer is a reoccuring subject let's just say never say never. Black sportsmanship on television because of the sponsors hosting an event like this isn't as simple as it sounds. Women are not the majority and may not be so interested; if you look at what comedy has done for hollywood it's simple to say i'm not joking looks and the appearance really does matter. The politics of offering everyone a fair share of the bargain price for tickets, employees, marketing paper etc isn't as simple as it may sound. Construction effort is alos another factor if your looking at Germany then you recall noticing their country, you will note the difference in overall structured venues. I'm motivated to distinguish this difference because the World cup seen from the 2002 FIFA World cup played in Japan wasn't so popular but it set precedents for some of what I discover today OOIJER, ANDRÉ ranked as a top player in the 2010 World cup. While watching it with or without a job we all made alot of incredible decisions and prospered due because we knew the outcome and could see that obvious question and then listen to the blueprint. As for sponsers I doubt if we are able to notice them all there are many more than just Adidas footwear, what about transport companies and taxi's, chefs, hotels, banks, design firms that would take part in such an event to make it work? in Kenia there is space to look now that South Africa is going into host this yrs events but you would have to stand up and take the journey, Mandela's group says World Cup will help Africa. Before going you need alot of pocket money because the health risks increase can africans endure intolerable cruelty. I could definitely watch them playing soccer even without a friendly reminder. Broadcasting the entire world cup on a satellite dish look simpossible I will need to make a request. Speaker needs to be fluent in foreign lingo but finding the muscle to embark on such challenges is far away and hard to resolve.

World Cup 2010 Debate: Which Asian Team Has The Best Chance Of Reaching The Last 16?


'Karate Kid' update breaks down some Chinese walls

The biggest modern movie co-production between a U.S. studio and China had access to spectacular locations under censors' watchful eye. For years, Sony Pictures considered cont'd.


BP: At least another day for "top kill" in Gulf oil spill

The "top kill" procedure aimed at stemming the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico by shooting mud into the blown-up well 5,000 feet underwater ...

Bid to save teacher jobs falters in House

A $23 billion payout to save thousands of educators' jobs faltered Thursday — perhaps for good — to election-year jitters among moderate Democrats over deficit spending and only lukewarm support from the White House.

Afghanistan: America's longest war

Afghanistan is far from America's bloodiest war. It has drifted in and out of focus and, for much of its life, been obscured by another war, ...

Michael Jordan on NBA 2K11 Cover?

Michael Jordan – you know, that guy in those Hanes commercials with Charlie Sheen – will reportedly be on the cover of NBA 2K11.

Sports network ESPN has reported cont'd..


Facebook’s Power, and Its Weakness

Facebook’s network is a weakness as well as a strength because it greatly amplifies the company’s problems. article


Can Jobs Still Wow After Leaks?

Two or three times a year, .Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, dons his classic black turtleneck, blue jeans and grey New Balance sneakers, and presents new or updated products that start with an i.

Kenyan Shilling Weakens Most in 13 Months on Eurozone Concern

Kenya’s shilling slumped to its weakest level in more than 13 months versusthe dollar on concern that Europe’s debt crisis will spread and threaten to halt the global economic recovery

Internet Explorer’s 8th Wonder – is it really?

Just when I thought I was content and somewhat complacent about my web browser, here come the Windows people with their latest version. Internet Explorer 8 claims to be faster, easier and safer.



Today I was wondering about something regarding musicians and I stumbled upon this newspaper article about Analog haze and smooth static, any more questions?


Rant: Explorer

Yeah, yeah, yeah it's the internet again and I wonder how it's supposed to function? when there are so many networks and channels all working to provide me with news, entertainment, movie showtime and more. UNlike at&t time warner seems to be doing a great deal of movement although I prefer SBC instead because of Yahoo. Well that was then this is now more than anything I requested for mobile internet at a very high cost of $70 I could install everything and use the notebook at the park, airport and on the road. But this never happened i've had to sit at my desk thinking about making the investment and reaping the benefits. Time Warner simply makes you tube look coold perhaps and advertisement but I noticed the tube turning clockwise and asked myself should I give up flying. I'm not here to blame Isp's and I certainly don't want to stop obeying all the safety regulations. I'm just distinguishing the different biz services and pinpointing air travel as the reason why, luxury cars as the reason how, motorcycles as the reason whoever considers how your going try not mixing them because each transport should work together and safely. I support all the efforts being made expecially during bad weather it's only a service that I intend to use in the future but i've had doubts. What if the notebook doesn't ever operate? will I have to request for the geeksquad to change my machine? what machine? my browser doesn't function without the internet.

Layoffs Continue to Mount

The U.S. job market is finally steadying, as initial jobless claims fall. Still, layoffs continue to arrive at a steady pace. . Here's a look at the companies that have laid off workers since the beginning of the year


Seventeen years in, Marc Ecko is still street

On the eve of his company's first fragrance launch, streetwear pioneer Marc Ecko tells what he's learned about success.


canon neoreal 'prism liquid' by akihisa hirata and kyota takahashi

the space is structured as a polyhedron, which glows in various prism-like colors.

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Car hackers can kill brakes, engine, and more

University researchers have taken a close look at the computer systems used to run today's cars and discovered new ways to hack into them, sometimes with frightening results.


Tudou to Stream 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Online

While the world's football fans are tuning in and doing the final countdown toward the 19th 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa in June, Internet video websites in China are experiencing steaming competition over the video broadcasting rights to serve an audience of over 400-million Chinese Internet users in the far eastern land.


General Election 2010 latest: live

Queen confirms Conservative leader as PM following Gordon Brown's emotional resignation on steps of No 10. read here

Cameron Is Great Britain's New Prime Minister

Gordon Brown's Full Resignation Speech

Gordon Brown tendered his resignation as Prime Minister accompanied by his wife, Sarah. This is a full transcript here.

Unemployment rises again - timesfreepress.com

Early this week I watched a press conference with press secretary and it seemed like everything moved smoothly until I started to wonder about my Unemployment situation. There does seem to be a problem making purchases expecially with someone else's credit card; so to speak does it bother you to not be able to buy things - earning money while seemingly living to spend most of someone else's money? I shouldn't be speaking about finances it's a complex issue that is fragile understand.


US Issues Approval for First Offshore Wind Farm!

A blurb about the Cape Cod wind farm, it's outdoors and certainly a marvel for the environment.


Weekly Address

The Mothers day is today and still a number of things to do. So perhaps anyone surfing c|span may overhear the situation unfold within Britain & Greece. The news website BBC continued to cover the UK elections as Labour faced off with Conservative & Liberals in a rather controversial campaign. I was searching for the current events list for our weekly pres address onto find the following US-China relations. I want to join the two documents because i'm not a Windows 7 user; regardless of that commercial this is what to think about The China currency flap: reading between the lines.


Germany team

To outsiders, the Germany national team has a squad full of stars. That may be true, but are those stars ready to shine at the World Cup? DW looks at the Germany players currently struggling for form and fitness.

Faster Forward: Google tweaks search pages and logo

Google's search results should look a little different today. The Mountain View, Calif., company is rolling out a redesign of its search pages that includes a freshly scrubbed version of its logo.

Google Blog


Johann Hari: Welcome to Cameron land

David Cameron cites Hammersmith and Fulham council as a 'model' of compassionate conservatism. So what can the actions of Tory councillors here tell us about how the party would behave in government?

Cameron embarks on marathon tour of Britain in last-ditch bid for votes

With time running out to capture millions of wavering voters, David Cameron dispensed with sleep and campaigned across the North of England through the night.

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I went to the local mall yesterday to ask about employment, when I arrived I parked as like I usually do on the lower level a lady was entering the facility as I walked behind. Anyway the entire place was clean there is an ice skating rink when you enter, I realized I hadn't done anything since arriving so the new tenants seemed busy putting up with the entertainment. Everyone looked puzzled but I continued walking to the second floor where I stepped into Aeropostale to ask about something when I notice a woman who seemingly appears to be the manager walking aside as the muslim customers babbled about something, wondering what they could be shopping for I left to go look for ice-cream. I asked the vendor about open positions and was really not interested with walking through the food court, when I went past there it was okay to say I felt hungry but arrived at Oakley to ask for work. This place is full during the weekdays I suppose the movie theater could be hiring but I fled onto Guess store at the lower level, there is someone at the front counter so I asked if she was hiring and am told to come back. How do you feel about getting a massage here? when told to return I simply went back to ask but found myself inside the handbag store. Anyway next door is a sunglass store so I put back my application and leave with zilch but returned back downstairs, there is someone there waiting to hand over the application I suppose the sales woman went out to lunch. After applying for the job I see a magazine on the table; i'm trying to calm down because I haven't got any money there is something to buy I wanted a job.

If you've ever been in this kind of situation you would turn around and never come back but i'm used to walking past the food court without anything to eat, this isn't recommended because time is money whenever possible I could be going to the theater. But it's now late in the afternoon and something tells me I should leave go home, there is some waiting to do was told to leave the paper nobody is standing at the front counter a woman is trying to make a purchase, Zoe Saldana has been put aside. So i'm prepared to leave here empty handed I seem to like this blazer hanging on the wall it's expensive really needed $77 for food, arcade and decent pair of pants but my budget doesn't allow it. So I go to Game Stop and see a few patrons walking by I used the restrooms and stepped in here to challenge myself to get into videogames. It's getting late everyone is bored with the young ladies speaking to each other on the ice so I sit down and begin to write.

Afterwards i'm ready to go back outside some more people are stepping into shop, there are many entrances I choose this one far away and have to return. Expect
to get a response while avoiding their remarks some ice-cream the shop wasn't there darn. I make a stop as i'm walking past the little youngsters playing by this ice rink, and do not notice the circuit city store which had been closed down. I stop to look at the girls and it they don't want to do anything so i'm wondering about why I decided to pause because I was walking out..another fantastic moment. Mothers day is sunday, May 9.

Check out this article from DailyFinance

Check out this article from DailyFinance


Jay Leno BOMBS At White House Correspondents Dinner

If you like your jokes covered in bland gravy with a side of telegraphed punchlines, then Jay Leno's White House Correspondents Dinner was a feast for the funny bone.


Shanghai, china's most populous city, welcomes you to the opening of the world expo 2010, the biggest and most expensive outdoor entertainment event in history. here is what we have published so far. designboom's editor fei fei song made the trip, more to come soon