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Earlier watched an edition of BBC news where they showed some youth soccer players from Africa who appear underage. They seem like future coaches but the segment asked is there a possibility for a world cup getting played in Kenya? answer is a reoccuring subject let's just say never say never. Black sportsmanship on television because of the sponsors hosting an event like this isn't as simple as it sounds. Women are not the majority and may not be so interested; if you look at what comedy has done for hollywood it's simple to say i'm not joking looks and the appearance really does matter. The politics of offering everyone a fair share of the bargain price for tickets, employees, marketing paper etc isn't as simple as it may sound. Construction effort is alos another factor if your looking at Germany then you recall noticing their country, you will note the difference in overall structured venues. I'm motivated to distinguish this difference because the World cup seen from the 2002 FIFA World cup played in Japan wasn't so popular but it set precedents for some of what I discover today OOIJER, ANDRÉ ranked as a top player in the 2010 World cup. While watching it with or without a job we all made alot of incredible decisions and prospered due because we knew the outcome and could see that obvious question and then listen to the blueprint. As for sponsers I doubt if we are able to notice them all there are many more than just Adidas footwear, what about transport companies and taxi's, chefs, hotels, banks, design firms that would take part in such an event to make it work? in Kenia there is space to look now that South Africa is going into host this yrs events but you would have to stand up and take the journey, Mandela's group says World Cup will help Africa. Before going you need alot of pocket money because the health risks increase can africans endure intolerable cruelty. I could definitely watch them playing soccer even without a friendly reminder. Broadcasting the entire world cup on a satellite dish look simpossible I will need to make a request. Speaker needs to be fluent in foreign lingo but finding the muscle to embark on such challenges is far away and hard to resolve.

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