Rant: Explorer

Yeah, yeah, yeah it's the internet again and I wonder how it's supposed to function? when there are so many networks and channels all working to provide me with news, entertainment, movie showtime and more. UNlike at&t time warner seems to be doing a great deal of movement although I prefer SBC instead because of Yahoo. Well that was then this is now more than anything I requested for mobile internet at a very high cost of $70 I could install everything and use the notebook at the park, airport and on the road. But this never happened i've had to sit at my desk thinking about making the investment and reaping the benefits. Time Warner simply makes you tube look coold perhaps and advertisement but I noticed the tube turning clockwise and asked myself should I give up flying. I'm not here to blame Isp's and I certainly don't want to stop obeying all the safety regulations. I'm just distinguishing the different biz services and pinpointing air travel as the reason why, luxury cars as the reason how, motorcycles as the reason whoever considers how your going try not mixing them because each transport should work together and safely. I support all the efforts being made expecially during bad weather it's only a service that I intend to use in the future but i've had doubts. What if the notebook doesn't ever operate? will I have to request for the geeksquad to change my machine? what machine? my browser doesn't function without the internet.

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