Watch Prada Models Watch TV in the 1950s

The creative agency AMO continues to mine midcentury mundanity for Prada's latest concept video, in which everyday actions are distorted and distilled into a noirish sequence of animated images. Fall clothes — in all their printed, wasp-waisted glory — take center stage as models act out ordinary tasks that become more mysterious and interconnected throughout.

Selena Gomez Talks Working with Stargate, Ester Dean on 'Come & Get It': Video

Selena Gomez talks..

Since coming back from Orlando, FL I been listening to alot of music and would like to include this fact on this blog, about hearing them play latino's while over there. Over where we are there isn't much else happening however "Jay Hoova" been getting buzzed because of the new album "Carta Holy Grail" sitting inside store shelves. I guess how i'm going to get to own a copy the last few trials were total accidents but Chief Keef's Finally Rich album is all i've been playing it's not so bad. Just disappointed having to rudely wake up to search for a Blackberry. Sudden changes the plan isn't to leave something I see behind if your going to obtain a copy just make sure it's not done the upside down way, I find it hard to grab something I cannot afford. So the radio is just a point of contact because they don't want to give audience a wrong sign, it's about sales not chart toppings. Listening to Mariah Carey I ask all the time I figure to ignore the lamer sentiment coming from across the airwaves i'm not at the pacific beach so it's silly just going into a store and leaving with a rap album. Just look at all the music that's not being obtained isn't anyone thanking God for his protection bring out the goods. Whatever it may be just don't look to trust yourself for wanting to own a copy of something going to that place alone sometimes it's difficult. I want to own something other than what I want even if it's selling it's about the miracle of hearing someone's talent and abilities, their looks and desire to be with you.

Maybe Miami Heat who just have the basketball championship ring and trophy because it looks cool but it's hard to win it's not easy. How about them has anyone been trying their luck with Mexican music it's not all about Latino's Tejano it's like a fever that cannot blow or end. I don't look down on them artists because they sound good but it's about time. Ace Hood, Ricky Ross and Future got on set and made a video making history and earning them some credit. Me I think the term "city" lost pazzaz when it tried to get hold of the new wave but is this going to get live and explode or is the wave going to take an offer it cannot refuse something about it doesn't sound right. Me I think Miami is still just like the Bad Boy movie it's portrayed well but can they leave it for the West Coast? Is this wave going to be get stuck of the realness see it's still just like juvenile hell.

Reality seems to indicate this co·los·sal reward so I doubt if I could branch far away from that genre this vibe really it's a lonely one. Taking us into the danger zone if anyone is interested in hearing them sing not too much else to add i'm not going to darken the spot I will leave it alone even if it went off. I am not going to accelerate the obvious fact that it cost to be the boss it's not obviously a missing fact everyone heard about it or talk wrongly about this track I cannot achieve that position but it rang a bell. I was leaving the parking lot one morning when someone nearly slammed into me i'm not going to get banged up or be involved in a car accident but if you heard otherwise I didn't buy anything. Finish line someone is upset it's that personal at times a friend explaining to you someone's rhymes like I give a f#@k. If anything all i'm asking for is more gas an opportunity to get down there not walk down stay down get high, move out but Shout Out is better it's just a stage and an audience. It's about time I heard someone understand where it all happen start it up and that's really South America.

There are bigger challenges flying over me even without a friend to pull me thru, winning is a sad tale just for champs.


Africa to grow 5.5% per annum, but risks remain

Zawya - Africa is now the world's fastest growing continent and is set to grow at more than 5.5% per annum for the foreseeable future, according to the latest report from the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group.

IN PICTURES: Pope blesses Rio Olympic flag



Asiana jet crash further tarnishes Korean carrier's safety record

Reuters - Asiana Airlines, the South Korean carrier whose Boeing 777 crashed while landing at San Francisco airport on Saturday, had been trying to clean up a tarnished safety record that included two other fatal crashes in its 25-year history.

Asiana says pilot of crashed plane was in training


The ultimatum

Morsi’s ouster spells trouble for region’s other Islamist movements

Egypt orders arrests of Muslim Brotherhood leaders as interim president takes office

In the past few days I have heard alot about the turmoil in egypt it's crazy I dunno how they can stand up all day long, how could someone survive this and still be able to oppose leadership of president.. I watch the protests only to second guess if something had indeed gone wrong I could see the protests chanting, throwing rocks, troops exercising readiness, a show of peace and a danger tone from revelations. Whether it's to oppose a person they put into office or if it was just to show how much power they can share with others is clearly a true lie. Likewise Egyptians are live from Tahrir-Square does anyone say anything they should allow the governor also to step down. I don't dislike their taste it's just goes to show how bad they are there as a result, I don't think it should be a final selection to see people like ousted deposed Mohamed Morsi being thrown around. But it happens on the other side yet nobody does anything to heal their wounds. That is not to worship the person(s) causing all the bloodshed and anger look inside. Sometime ago their new sworn president took office doesn't it worry you that extremists flock to the middle east when trouble persists. It just looks like their covering up a hate crime that has already caused a mess, I cannot return to the old days when we thought of them as our friends but only to ask I tell you the truth who controls the country is it God or the Devil? Obama expressed deep concern about the military takeover Wednesday, and he cautioned Egypt’s new rulers against acts of revenge or retribution.

What’s Arabic for Schadenfreude? Middle East Reacts to Morsi’s Ouster

An Elected President Has Been Deposed: Egypt’s Party Looks Premature

After Morsi’s Ousting, Egypt Swears in New President, Cracks Down on the Muslim Brotherhood