Raila digs in as State warns him over swearing-in plan

The Government Thursday invoked the offence of treason to caution Opposition leader Raila Odinga against attempts to be sworn in next Tuesday.

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Status Update

Hello, I just wanted to post this status update because I haven't been surfing the web but have decided to type something. I am very sorry about the way this blog has been operating it is sad to say that there's not enough happening to bring me online, if you think that is the wrong thing to say then so be it. I have this one notebook which I use but my speakers are now blown and don't work so I use the speaker on the notebook which sounds terrible. As of late it has been difficult surfing but I make amends for the misunderstanding, you can find me scrolling thru the Kenyan news portal Kenya Moja a site i've often been visiting.

Since traveling to East-Africa this year I haven't had time to be productive, it was so boring to have gone to visit my family living in the rural parts of Kenya. I had to listen to the politics and arguments which were broadcast thru the television the television was running on solar power, so each time that we needed to power it up we had to connect it to the car battery. The car was never around but when it was we listened to the politicians on television speaking Swahili it happened some months ago, I don't know how to tell someone that you are willing to leave a certain spot for the long drive back to town. But I begged mom to take me to my daddy's village I am told that I don't need to ask I can just come there myself. I am not that well informed to leave one place in the traditional setting and go walk up into another, I was not knowledgeable to do it alone. We used the Matatu after the bus dropped us off my cousin picked us up he would often be running errands. He recently moved to East-Africa from the Netherlands, I was told it's best to try coming back to East-Africa I told him I got a nice job and don't want to interfere with anything, they are newly married.

Traveling to Kenya was cool we left here in the morning of June and traveled thru Doha, Qatar they have been having problems for awhile regarding their support of extremism both countries. It wasn't difficult walking thru the airport but when we arrived in Nairobi we had to get our stuff thru customs this process didn't take long I just paid for the Visa and asked to use the restroom. We were in the city for a week but had to get going cause my cousin wasn't at home he had been offered a job somewhere. I got to see Qatar aboard their airline arriving in Doha we left East-Africa late in the night so many travelers i'm grateful we weren't involved in any problems, we bumped Rumba the entire time we were in the village. I dunno if they like rumba in the city? just in case you dunno what it is I have shared the link with you.

I dunno why we left the city to travel to the countryside after visiting the bus station it just became obvious we were leaving because of the arguing regarding elections, you could tell the city was jam packed I guess because everyone was in Nairobi it felt like a ghost town at night a few cars late evening when we arrived just so much traffic during the day. We were offered eggs I think this was the first thing we ate it was with corn bread the minute we arrived with all our bags. We had to pay this airline back in Dallas nearly $700 we took all our things and walked off when we arrived in Kenya. They asked what it was we were carrying and I kept my mouth shut my mom had to answer in Kiswahili what it was we were carrying. To tell you the truth we had packed up some electronics notepads purchased in Texas, the plan was to arrive and try selling them to get cash. Anyway I really enjoyed my flight before arriving in Qatar I watched some movies and listened to music, we flew over some desert areas places I shouldn't mention. It was raining when we took off from Dallas/Ft-worth and raining when we arrived back.

After just one week we booked a trip to the village by bus the drive took all day we were to meet other guests, my cousin and her husband and their kids would be coming to East-Africa also. We visited grandma for two days their village is nearby where we were it just wasn't appropriate to leave there without visiting so we made plans to come visit her before coming back to the city at the last minute. We didn't intend to run out of time but our stay in Kenya was for only one month and we had expected to arrive in Nairobi on Saturday then depart on Sunday night. We arrived back in town just in time to realize how much they had missed speaking to us, while in the village we had a lot to eat I even went out to the club. We went to the shopping mart and got flat tires the next day we went out looking for a replacement tire which cost money, I wasn't going to chip in but I noticed the locals riding around in motor bikes. If it wasn't for the constant viewing of television I may have lost my mind but during the evening we would watch the news and see the president talking in Swahili I got bored but my cousin had to be at two different places at the same time. Your welcome to read up on the campaign if you want, the difference in setting may have spoiled the journey but I had to experience it.

I really wish to return to visit the city of Nairobi my family is living there some have relocated and are no longer living where I thought they would be staying. After traveling back from the village I realized we had spent nearly 3 weeks away from town and everyone was on the up-and-up speeding motorists. We got dropped off near the mall on a Saturday so we just asked them to let us out, we got out and tried to use the cellular phone. What had happened is mom got ride of the phone we were using in the village to make calls, so when we arrived we just stood there looking at traffic and the buildings. We asked if we could use a strangers phone and they gladly let us make calls, my uncle spotted us standing on the side of the highway and parked his car. He told us the directions we had been giving him were for a different spot, I was just glad to have run into him very glad he found us standing there. We picked up a bite to eat parked next to Dominoes finally back in town, we got some food but it wasn't pizza. The journey out of Africa wasn't simple I just wanted to thank everyone for all their help, the man who gave me some food in hand back in the village. So many people to thank, the bus driver who carried us from town into the village I appreciated the music and the scenery. Doha, Qatar wasn't what I expected they had people from the air-force I am guessing helping passengers I notice the uniforms. Anyway, that's what I been up to. I even went to a concert to settle things but that's another chapter in this story..in the end I realize it isn't about the money and power but it's about loving your family the different cultures friends, coming to peace and leaving with an open mind.