Panama Papers Leak Signals a Shift in Mainstream Journalism

WASHINGTON— Four years passed between The New York Times’s first article based on the Pentagon Papers and the end of the Vietnam War.

Two years passed between The Washington Post’s first story establishing Richard M. Nixon’s link to the Watergate burglary and Nixon’s resignation from the presidency.

Last week, Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson of Iceland couldn’t make it 48 hours before having to step aside after the disclosure of the shady bank dealings contained in the Panama Papers, some of which involve him.

This Is the Weirdest Nike Sneaker Ever

When you're constantly looking to innovate and push the boundaries of design, you tend to do quite a bit of experimentation. In a recent post by NikeLab on its Instagram account, a photo was shared of one of these experiments and what could possibly be the weirdest Nike sneaker ever seen.

Check Out the First Trailer for the Shia LaBeouf-Produced, Flying Lotus-Scored 'LoveTrue'

Premiering this week at the Tribeca Film Festival. link


The Burglar’s Guide Has Arrived

At long last, after more than three years of research and travel, A Burglar’s Guide to the City is finally shipping.

Beyonce: Formation World Tour


Ride better, live better

The Shorthorn - Employees at a little corner bike shop, Front and Center Cyclery, often welcome Arlington’s bike riders with a fist bump to avoid a greasy handshake.

Martin Scorsese film recalls martyrdom of Japan's hidden Christians

Ban on Christianity in early 1600s, the focus of film called Silence, forced converts to practise in secret, leading to a localised form of the religion still practised by a few dozen people today Cont'd.

ICC Case against Vice-President of Kenya


Getting Ready with Mary J. Blige

The Coveteur - There's a small handful of dream scenarios that just kind of scream, 'Oscar night'. The type that truly capture the idea of real, unabashed Hollywood glamour.


Jacob Zuma denies acting dishonestly over home improvement scandal

South African president addresses nation amid speculation that he could be forced to resign if key ANC figures abandon him cont'd.