U.S. Fifth Fleet says won't allow Hormuz disruption

(Reuters) - The U.S. Fifth Fleet said on Wednesday it would not allow any disruption of traffic in the Strait of Hormuz, after Iran threatened to stop ships moving through the world's most important oil route.


Mass March by Cairo Women in Protest Over Abuse by Soldiers

NYTimes ~ The demonstration grew by the minute into an extraordinary expression of anger at the treatment of women by the military police.

Social-Minded Hip-Hop Is Making a Comeback ~ The rappers Common and Kendrick Lamar demonstrate that that message-driven hip-hop has begun to find a home again.

What to Do, and Not Do, About North Korea ~ Waiting to see what develops in North Korea feels familiar, and that’s what we should do: wait and see.

A Searing Family Drama Reveals a Human Side of Iran ~ The director Asghar Farhadi says his “Separation,” which opens in New York and Los Angeles on Dec. 30, is about “human problems,” not politics.

Long Career but Still Learning ~ After a six-decade stage and film career, Christopher Plummer still has plenty of acting work. “I want to be able to play as many things as possible,” he says, “before I croak.”

Intrepid Boy on the Trail of Mysteries ~ Steven Spielberg’s “Adventures of Tintin” brings to computerized life a boy of pluck, ingenuity and derring-do.

North Korea’s Succession Unfolds in Cloud of Mystery ~ South Korean researchers are seeking clues about whether Kim Jong-un can assert control over the monolithic dictatorship that was led by his father, Kim Jong-il.


The Best Two-Year Technical Degrees to Get You in the Market for a Job

www.dcccdinfo.net— Find out which technical degrees result in the highest pay and best employment opportunities.


Happy Holidays

Dear reader, Happy holidays, the administrator of this blog would like to wish visitors a Merry Christmas. I'm not going to erase it because I like to post things on it. Sincerely Yours, Adm 2011: Year in Review

Air France Flight 447's Final Minutes Reconstructed

Mr. Otelli's latest edition drew a stern rebuke (PDF) the French aviation safety bureau BEA (Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses pour la sécurité de l'aviation civile) in October for his publishing of sensitive information from the Air France 447 voice data recorder.


Should the graffiti in Libya be erased?

The former Libyan regime stifled voices and the arts in all its forms for decades. But the explosion of graffiti that has followed the fall of Colonel Gaddafi has presented the country with a dilemma - should the murals, many of which are political, be erased or celebrated?


Apple not worried about Kindle Fire, says analyst

Apple isn't losing much sleep over Amazon's Kindle Fire and in fact believes such low-priced tablets could ultimately bump up demand for the iPad.


The Kindle Fire Is On Fire; Amazon Expected To Ship 3.9 Million This Quarter

techcrunch.com - The Kindle Fire looks like a bona fide hit right out of the gate. New estimates from IHS iSuppli have Amazon shipping 3.9 million Kindle Fires this quarter, which would make it the No. 2 tablet after the iPad 2 (with an estimated 18.6 million shipments). The Kindle Fire will become the No. 1 Android tablet by a wide margin (the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the next biggest, with an estimated 1.4 million shipments). To put this 3.9 million number in context, just remember that the very first quarter Apple sold the iPad back in the September quarter of 2010, it sold 3.3 million. So the Kindle Fire sold more in its first quarter than the iPad did in its first quarter on the market. Of course, Apple sold 7.3 million iPads the second quarter it was on the market, which was the 2010 holiday quarter.



Hello, it's beginning to seem like the Holidays for those browsing the blog i've been browsing the Google News and alot has been happening lately to do with Egyptian politics and Crypto etc. It was Black Friday I read about rapper on the cover of GQ; I didn't do very much outside I noticed shoppers crowding department stores. I didn't sleep on seeing the repeated attempts to highlight former spots i've been to. That is very cold for AT&T to give up more channels for a day and then remove it who did what???? I don't mind because I really didn't expect for my cable to get so many channels right on Thanksgiving day. Wanted to shop until I dropped but the channels went off as Cyber Monday appeared the channel lineup disappeared. So i'm back to basic cable however I had called dish satellite network to ask for new service and am told I needed credit. I was to find a Career Development Center to apply for jobs you know Texas is not the state you want at without income, but it turns out some University students are searching to find new jobs also. Last month one car was involved in a car accident so I didn't respond like holy smoke done in the previous cases, I hear it mentioned every now and then and dunno what else to say. Take a look at this map of traffic fatalities in the U.S since 2001. I've got to realize it's not just about obeying the speed limit - it's about more sometimes driving lessons can help do more than find a parking spot doing it right goes along with it. So much turmoil happening in the world alot of it concerning the euro-bond much rioting taking place but why? it's the end of the month. It's the end of the year and not much knowledge is being placed for the baby boomers. America is going through some trivial times what I say isn't going to end in the newspapers, but since my last purchase at the newsstand does sound very suitable for me. While here in Texas i'm certainly bored so what does winning really stand for? the holiday season a signature out from The Book of Revelations. L8r!

Why America Is Doing A Lot More Good In The World Than You Think

Look beyond foreign aid. A friend was recently debating the question of whether or not the U.S. is generous with foreign aid. One of his colleagues..cont'd.


American Airlines files for bankruptcy

American Airlines, the U.S.’s third-largest airline, and its parent company AMR Corp. are filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the Globe and Mail reports. Like other U.S. airlines, the company has struggled for year with high fuel costs and labour disputes. Unlike some of its competitors, however, it failed to return to profitability in the past couple of years. Company president Thomas W. Horton replaced chief executive Gerard Arpey, who stepped down. The airline reassured customers that it would continue to operate flights, honour tickets, as well as the AAdvantage frequent-flier program, and take reservations normally while it undergoes restructuring.


Benetton's most controversial adverts

Will a picture of the Pope kissing Ahmed el-Tayeb, Sheikh of the al-Azhar mosque, encourage fashion savvy shoppers to ditch Uniqlo and buy their brightly coloured jumpers from Benetton instead? Probably not. But it does remind the public that the Italian brand has quite a history of provocative campaigns.

Julian Assange Changes Lawyer In Sweden For Second Time

STOCKHOLM -- WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Thursday asked to change his lawyer in Sweden for the second time since he was accused of sex crimes in the Scandinavian country. Assange has replaced Bjorn Hurtig ...


Why Hiring Billy Crystal Isn't Enough: 10 Changes the Oscars Must Make

Y! - Recruiting a Beloved Former Host May Salvage This Year's Academy Awards, but Radical Moves Are Required If the Oscars Want to Regain Relevance


Dallas mayor says no immediate action on Occupy activists after judge OKs eviction

Occupy Dallas attorney Jonathan Winocour argued the city's position was unclear and left his clients with too many "ambiguities" regarding whether or not protestors were violating the terms of their agreement with the city. Occupy Dallas



The blog has recently undergone some change you will notice the design has been changed, I hope it's not too much of a problem. I have yet to find a better font so please make sure to comment on the news posts so much happened and I really liked making the transition. I went to East Africa this past May and got to see it again for the second time around. There wasn't very much happening there we arrived in the evening time to view all the Nairobi citizens, compared to Japan it's really not a very clean place. So I stayed with family and they really opened up to us by driving my family to see the coast, it was a very interesting experience. I hope to find a more convenient way to use the internet so far i've managed to travel alot and I intend to make it wherever and whenever. Bye~


Suarez: When Is a Democracy 'Good Enough?'

Watch a preview of the NewsHour's two upcoming pieces from Nicaragua below, and read Ray Suarez's reflections on the political situation in the country.

AMD Layoffs Maul Marketing, PR Department

AMD's initial layoff announcement yesterday implied that the dismissals would occur across the company's global sales force. While that may still be true, it has Cont'd.


MI6 role in Libyan rebels' rendition 'helped to strengthen al-Qaida'

Secret documents reveal British intelligence concerns and raise damaging questions about UK's targeting of Gaddafi opponents Cont'd.

Gaddafi buried in unmarked grave in Libya desert to avoid creating shrine

Bodies of dictator, his son and a general are given full Islamic rites and washed by relatives and sheikhs before secret burial Cont'd


Keeping up with Kim Kardashian in Miami: A weekend in Florida's chic party metropolis

If you're a fan of the newly single Kim Kardashian – or just want to catch a glimpse of her famous derriere – head to Zuma restaurant, an off-shoot of the ...


It' s-Zeit für ein Treten-Esel Supermann-Spiel

IGN - Es scheint, dass Tina Turner aus Umdrehung heraus gesprochen haben kann, als sie auf dem Ton zu wütendem maximalem proklamierte: Über Thunderdome hinaus das ' wir don' t-Notwendigkeit ein anderes hero' , weil Zündung-Leser Supermann gewählt haben, wie der Held, den sie Batman sehen möchten: Rocksteady Annahme des Arkham Stadtentwicklers zunächst. Eine Abstimmung war


Rajat Gupta plädiert nicht schuldiges im Eingeweiht-Fall

Die sek auch holte separat in Verbindung stehende Zivileingeweiht-handelngebühren gegen Herrn Gupta und fügte zusätzliche Zivilbehauptungen gegen Herrn Rajaratnam betreffend angeblichen unsachgemäßen Handel in P& hinzu; G. Die Strafanzeigen gegen Herrn Gupta kommen unter dem government' s-beispielloses Durchgreifen auf, was es auf Wall Street beschreibt als zügelloser ungültiger Handel. Verbindung

Ist Netflix zu teure Pfosten verschiedene ideablogs

Stock price data come from Google finance. All data in figure 1 are scaled and expressed as a percentage of their values in the first week in the series read article.

Die Mühe mit dem Versuchen, ein großes und wachsendes Geschäft Unterbrechungstechnologien anzupassen ist, dass der Prozess geöffnet

Vor drei Monaten, war die Frage für Netflix, wie groß sie ein Tag wird konnte. Jetzt wundern sich Investoren, ob sie die Wechsel einlösen kann, um dorthin zu kommen. Im spätesten Bein ihrer großartigen Abnahme, fielen Anteile am DVD und Video-Strömen Service geöffnet..

Gute Unternehmensführung garantiert nicht guter Beschlussfassung. Aber schlechte Entscheidungen passen häufig Hand in Hand zur schlechten Regierungsgewalt. Betrachten Sie, wie J.-Mannschaft seinen Rückkauf behandelte, oder wie Berkshire Hathaway zu bestimmtem Handel durch einen leitenden Angestellter reagierte. geöffnet


Steve Jobs Biography by Walter Isaacson

Steve Jobs, his official biography written by Walter Isaacson, is now available for download via iTunes and Kindle. Based on more than forty interviews with Jobs conducted over two years—as well as interviews with more than ...

Cranberry vs Vodka battle

Microsoft's YouTube Channel Gets Hijacked and Wiped Clean

The hacker replaced them with others claiming that Microsoft is holding a ... One message posted by the alleged hacker provides an indication of what might ...


Rangers vs. Tigers, ALCS Game 6: Detroit Laments Missed Chances, Celebrates Season - Baseball Nation

Rangers vs. Tigers, ALCS Game 6: Detroit Laments Missed Chances, Celebrates Season - Baseball Nation

Russian rally trucks have the world's best soundtrack

Jumping, sliding Dakar rally trucks don't need much to get our attention, but having the world's greatest remix of "The Final Countdown" merits this video our highest praises. The standout trucks are the KAMAZ racers, click here.


Libyan Rebels: 'Colonel Gaddafi's Son Captured'

Libyan rebels have told Sky News that Saif Al-Islam, Colonel Gaddafi's son, has been captured as the end of the regime appears to draw ever close.

Sky News's Libya coverage knocks the BBC's into a cocked hat Cont'd.

Libya: Sky News reporter Alex Crawford praised for dramatic Tripoli reporting here.

Libya's liberation will be announced after the NTC makes sure there are no pockets of resistance ... In the evening, fireworks lit up the capital's sky. ...

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi chairs the Arab summit in Sirte, Libya, ... weeks of bloody siege by firing endless rounds into the sky, pumping their guns, ...

National Transitional Council spokesman Abdullah Berrassali told Sky News: ... former Libyan leader was shot in the stomach as he hid with his bodyguards.

And David Cameron's statesmanlike leadership over Libya appears vindicated and ... But there are some old Labour lefties and Euro-sceptics and Democratic ...

Libyan Leader Shot Dead.. Stunning Video: Dictator Was Captured Alive.. ’The Tyranny Is Gone’

NATO Air Strategy Gains Renewed Praise WSJ


London Olympics pollution on course to land Britain hefty fine from IOC

Air pollution is such in London that drastic measures would be required before 'greenest ever Games' to avoid £175m fine Cont'd. To meet the legally binding agreement, London may have to reduce traffic levels by more than 30% over a period of nearly a month, raising the possibility of draconian measures such as banning cars with number plates ending in odd and even numbers on alternate days.


Video: Michael Vick accidentally kicks ball at cheerleader

Y! Sports - Keep an eye on the left side of the screen as Vick run out of bounds. Vick was asked about the kick after the game and reiterated his regret. "I apologize to the cheerleaders," Vick said. "That was a very bad gesture and can't let my emotions get the best of me, so sorry to the Redskins cheerleaders. I didn't mean to offend anybody."


Occupy Wall Street" protests go global

I took a look at the Occupy Wall Street protestors yesterday and came to judge them not as scary looking but with respect because they all seem to want something at the end of the day maybe it's capital. If your one of the individuals living in New York and have a problem with the way your city is being run why not avoid using the internet. Protesting sounds harsh but maybe it's goign to make a change if you do it in peace. I am interested to know what exactly they are doing standing and camping along Wall Street. This could be a sig of the times really are they even worried about the journalists looking at them? I suppose not. Looking at people from a wider angle you come to realize some may not even go into those suburbs, there is silence and with a good reason. If what they're fighting for is unemployment, racism, consumer rights, freedom, religion & politics then it paints a perfect picture we don't want you wasting time. They are wanting to take a stand is this going anywhere near the beaches? I presume to make it a kinder more gentle place to live. If you like watching movies then sometimes certain aspects of what you expect doesn't go by without setting off an alarm. I went into the electronics store the other day and an alarm started to sound, all I really wanted to do was explain how the darn thing worked. But are OWL protesters ever going to finish up and stand up for something else besides money? it's kinda like a bus boycott. I cannot see the reason why I shouldn't believe or trust my friends it's like the media has got their cameras and them a message. Next to being shy I despise having to sit and find a newspapers but if you could speak their language maybe their just blown away by the celebrity spotlight who knows. Cam 1 Cam 2

Batman: Arkham City Reaffirms Itself as The Best Superhero Game

1up.com - Arkham City serves as one of those sequels that renders its predecessor wholly obsolete.


What’s wrong with this NFL photo?

The Raiders made a glaring mistake on what became the league’s most inspirational play on Sunday.


Bjork To 'Takeover' eMusic

This summer eMusic debuted eMusic Radio featuring staff curated streaming music channels. Now Bjork is helping eMusic launch their new Artist Takeover program featuring Bjork's editorial selections in celebration of the release of her Biophilia album...

Egypt is Pissed Off! (PICS)



How to Make Your Google Accounts More Secure

pcworld.com - Gmail has been the target of recent hacking attacks. Here are four solid tips to bolster security for you Google account information.


Nobel honours African, Arab women for peace

OSLO, Norway — Africa's first democratically elected female president, a Liberian campaigner against rape and a woman who stood up to ...cont'd Nobel honours African, Arab women for peace


10 infamous moments in Super Bowl history

The Super Bowl brings out the best in players and teams. Sometimes it brings out the worst. Here are 10 infamous moments in Super Bowl history. cont'd


Amanda Knox is Acquitted - ordered freed immediately

bbc.co.uk - Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito arrive in court in Perugia to hear the verdict of appeal against convictions for the murder of Meredith Kercher.

The 2012 Toyota Yaris: Just Enough Burrito Capacity

Everything you want in a car and more…A burrito-sized glovebox, windows that go up and down, and a horn that beeps. The 2012 Yaris has arrived.

Pennsylvania High School Football Fight

click here


Everything Inside A Nike LeBron 9 “China” 1 Of 1 Box

LeBron 9, China 1/1.

We’re selling our souls to Mark Zuckerberg

When Mark Zuckerberg stood on stage to introduce Facebook’s latest upgrades, the social media mogul essentially offered this deal to his 750 million (and growing) users: Cont'd


Frankfurt Motorshow: Porsche 911 in Motion

The Frankfurt Motorshow was home to the latest inclination of the iconic Porsche 911. Now there is an available video to see how the car performs outside of the showroom floor. While the exterior looks like past additions except for the 3.9 inch longer wheelbase, one will notice that the interior is much more Panamera-like due to the raised console. It also boasts a seven-speed manual gearbox, 34.4mpg fuel figure and 194g/km emissions rating. Check out the video above.


Review: Dreamhouse

I was just sitting down looking at some of these headlines only to discover some stuff about the actor. Although I would much rather not look deeply into all of this it appears as thought his latest film adaptation isn't cool. After watching the dreamhouse trailers it was kinda suprising the music keeps playing sorry to suprise you sicko. Anyway I must have been looking at it from a different kinda perspective, everyone really wants a new home. In case your lost this is the best of daniel craig i'm posting this because I enjoy sitting in movie theaters. I don't know anything about New England i'm normally just rushing in to look at a movie, what it sounds like is a rumble in the jungle. Soon as you see the trailer and listen to what the girls are saying you immediately begin to second guess. Coming from down where I am living I usually have found watching flicks such as these to be a nightmare because how else is someone going to know it by asking.


Michael Jackson death: Judge refuses to sequester jury in trial

LA Times - Michael Jackson death: A judge rejected a defense request Thursday for round- the-clock sequestration of jurors in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's personal physician. High drama and emotional scenes that marked the life of the king of pop star Michael Jackson were back at full play as the trial into his death opened in a California court on Tuesday. Jackson doctor delayed calling ambulance, trial hears Cont'd


Sony Clip-on Screen Attachment Makes Vaio Laptops 3D

Sony said Tuesday it will sell a screen attachment for its Vaio laptops that allows users to view 3D movies and images without ... Cont'd


Converse First String Dr. J Pro Leather Horween

Converse announces the launch of its First String Standards Dr. J Pro Leather shoes featuring Horween Leather. Honoring the legend of Julius “Dr. J” Erving and the shoe he made history in, Converse recreates the classic silhouette in two all-new premium crafted versions using ultra-premium Horween Chomexcel® Leather from the legendary Chicago-based tannery


Hackers hit Japan defence industry

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd says its computers have been hacked into. Cont'd. One newspaper said the target was Japan’s biggest defence contractor’s factories


Rick Perry's Social Security Extremism: Why It Will Sink Him

I happened to be watching the Republican debate and stood up thinking why should a woman be our next president. There were smart answers sometimes I dunno how to read in between the lines but PBS tried to take everyone back to the days of Bush vs Clinton. If you watched the debate you probably would have asked Romney vs Bachmann. When was it going to air because local sources mention the Texas governor traveled to California for a debate. The only way out is this fiery talk from Mitt Romney about social security and corporate mismanagement. I don't even want to ask what they have planned in Boston it just be feeling like torture. I wasn't looking for a showdown Michele Bachmann who simply stayed silent didn't add much except scan Perry's "crony capitalism” he was insulted. On Friday night, comedian Jay Leno pressed Bachmann on the “mental retardation” claim. Bachmann may be on to something here. If she can just get people to quit asking about the “mental retardation” flub.

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, round three

Even though Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez have fought twice before, their score remains unsettled. The fighters' 2004 featherweight title bout...

Mayweather drops Ortiz, takes WBC welter belt

LAS VEGAS (AP)—In just one round, Floyd Mayweather Jr. got a head butt, a kiss and a hug from Victor Ortiz. He responded with a right hand that ended a bizarre fight early. Mayweather remained unbeaten and did it in emphatic fashion Saturday night, stopping Ortiz at 2:59 of the fourth round to take the piece of the welterweight title Ortiz brought into the ring.


Good credit ratings can pay off for small firms in many ways

Having good credit ratings lowers interest rates for small businesses. But it can also boost sales and bring better payment terms from vendors.

Complex Presents


Kelis upset by 'slave' insult in London

Singer claims she was racially abused while queueing at airport after travelling back from the Bestival festival on the Isle of Wight. Kelis, 32, said none of the other passengers on the plane she had just flown with, who were also queueing, intervened.

Plenty of Chatter About a New iPhone

A Sprint Nextel sales associate told TUAW that the carrier has started briefing its employees on an imminent Sprint iPhone 4 launch. The briefing reportedly told the sales team that Sprint will begin offering the iPhone 4 in October 2011 (next month)...


Economics Works Backwards Now

Economics Works Backwards Now I didn't catch the After president spoke I happened to get it at the end when he's standing shaking hands I knew it was finished Anyway the evening went like this I was at Walmart Supercenter with my mom who had asked me earlier if I wanted to go visit a friend who lives nearby. I am looking at the unemployment situation like gosh I sat down and it's over. Here looking all this time why doesn't someone give me a call? i've expected to buy or get some kinda loan instead feeling the pinch from technological unemployment. Coming out from the situation knowing I had to move into a spot where I once worked to learn about kindness. First I shouldn't have missed the event which was talked about loudly and clearly. Secondly is the president is always in the public eye there is no excuse so I asked for the people I was with to hurry. Perhaps I was being nosey trying only to impress myself and not the female crowd. How many times does the president have to get on stage? beside's visitors from various places aren't recognized just listen to the crowd in Detroit. And showing up for the press briefing like it's a security conference makes him look big and tall. I seem to think there is money in the bank. It's not yours - it's not mine there are more than enough college radio station dj's on the airwaves. Who really wanted for you to stand up inside a Walmart that evening? do you really see the point i'm trying to make? a grocery store should open it and not question the illusion. There was something to purchase a product unable to give to someone the chance to be man. There aren't many jobs and there isn't a sense of class I drove away listening to the radio thinking why am I listening to this and not the president. Why was the car parked I was sitting at the traffic light looking to return home. I want to see myself succeed finding that job but not loose it.


In Beijing, a second life for the National Aquatic Center

Affectionately known as simply the Watercube during the 2008 Olympic games, the Beijing National Aquatics ...


Texas Wildfires

Atlantic - The area of the Texas wildfires, superimposed on the 10 biggest cities in the US. Huffington Post - Bastrop, Texas Wildfires: Firefighters Work To Contain The Blazes. Universe Today - Texas Wildfires Seen from the International Space Station

Top five tips to avoid digital identity theft

The best defence against losing your identity is being aware of how cybercriminals steal it in the first place.

Dow: London 2012 will be a positive recycling story

The London 2012 Olympic Games will be a great opportunity to communicate and educate the consumer about the importance of recycling packaging, according to Closed Loop Recycling managing director Chris Dow.


How to Get the Most Out of Your IKEA Shopping Experience

How to Get the Most Out of Your IKEA Shopping Experience Offering Americans rock bottom prices on unique Swedish home furnishing products that are made more affordable than you could possibly imagine. Use my tips to utilize the most of your next trip to IKEA.

After the CEO, Yahoo needs to fire its board

What Yahoo needs to do is be honest with itself and divest everything that links it to the past of the Internet. It needs to sit down and see what are the core assets that help the company move forward. Whether it is Yahoo Japan or its Alibaba stake, it is time for Yahoo to lock in the gains.


Lenovo Claims Samsung Galaxy Tab Sold Just 20,000 168

Lenovo believes early Samsung GTab sales very low read more.


IKEA founder 'was Nazi recruiter'

IKEA's billionaire founder Ingvar Kamprad was a member of the Swedish Nazi party and was such a concern to secret service they opened a file on him, according to a new book.


Lodsys says Apple’s licensing of its patents doesn’t cover developers

In a letter sent to Lodsys on Monday, Apple asked that the company withdraw letters sent to app developers demanding they license the technology. What this could mean paying more bread for tech support less knowledge. I am confused about this issue and seem to think it's practically impossible used hardware/mobile device with WiFi connection. So why App Makers to communicate with end users? this is complex. I have heard about currency derivative making effective compromise to a silicon valley executive highlights the winner & looser; for example see Google buying Motorola mobility. Lodsys is a patent company targeting iOS developers that were utilising Apple’s in-app purchasing feature, threatening to issue a patent infringement lawsuit to creators of applications that utilise the payment processing mechanism. Google finally intervenes to help developers. I no longer have to ask someone about obtaining a making changes to my cellphone, there is already enough information.


Video: Usain Bolt’s shocking DQ ends three-year reign in 100

Jamaica's Usain Bolt is eliminated from the world championship 100-meter final right before it begins see why


Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

BBC Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple who led the company to huge success with such products as the iPod, iPhone and iPad, announced today that he is stepping down from his position as CEO of the company. In a letter to shareholders, Jobs explained that he had promised to step down if he could no longer meet his duties and that “unfortunately, that day has come.” Jobs, who received a liver transplant as part of his treatment for pancreatic cancer, had been on medical leave for most of this year. He will be replaced as Apple CEO by Tim Cook, the chief operating officer of Apple, who has been running the company in Jobs’ absence.

Everyone’s gone mad - Andrew Coyne - Macleans.ca

Everyone’s gone mad - Andrew Coyne - Macleans.ca



Ground zero master planner, Daniel Libeskind, praises 9/11 memorial, calls it a 'visceral encounter with this piece of New York'

My idea in the master plan was that this was a place of the spirit. This is where people perished. It was not a piece of real estate any longer. You could not put a building there. — featuresblogs.chicagotribune.com

A Mobile Utopian House

The Futuro was designed by the Finnish architect Matti Suuronen in the 1960s for mass production as a kit of prefabricated parts, which can be assembled, taken apart and reassembled anywhere. - NYT

Following years of delays, construction finally moving ahead at World Trade Center

After years of controversy and delays, the 16-acre World Trade Center site is finally taking shape. Construction cranes and exposed steel frames dominate the site, towering over the National September 11 Memorial. Here is an update on the major projects — featuresblogs.chicagotribune.com

Rem Koolhaas on West Kowloon Cultural District of OMA OMA

Rem Koolhaas talks to camera about OMA's project in Kowloon, China known as WKCD, West Kowloon Cultural District. You can watch him speak about his 'village' concept, setting up an office on location with young Chinese staff, lessons learned from the context and his adherence to it.

On the 9/11 memorial and its disappointments.

What hit me there was the awful anticlimax of repetition. A singular moment, the Big Bang that launched a fearful decade, is marked by déjà vu. “Never forget,” this monument exhorts—and then says it again — New York Magazine

It’s Not Every Cabinet Minister Who Can Also Take to the Stage

Ny Times - Susana Baca, singer and Peru’s minister of culture, highlights neglected aspects of Afro-Peruvian culture at City Winery.


Rick Perry: Is the press being fair and accurate in its coverage of him?

If Obama was too much loved by mainstream press, is Perry too much reviled? Cont'd.



Hi, it’s been a tough week because i’ve asked for financial assistance and been turned down. I’m not going to pretend that I don’t get rewarded for all this stuff i’m doing but when I return to work I will definately be a whole different person. Unemployment is kinda not the position I am willing to be in at the moment it’s no good. I really like posting stuff on blogger so maybe after this weekend things become easier to handle. I just found something which says that, of the five most populous states, Texas had the highest poverty rate in the 2009 census update, with 15.5 percent of residents below the income threshold. But the folks who were here at the start are no longer visible. I cannot tell what happened but i'm looking at the news.


Portfolio careers for people in their 20s and 30s

Portfolio careers for people in their 20s and 30s Cont'd.


Suppose design office: house in tokushima

Design Boom - drawing from the natural shading effect of a collection of trees, the design utilizes individual rooms as a source of shade by extending the roof from their placement and creating light chasms in the ceiling.

Drone Alone are Not the answer

OVER the past two years, America has narrowed its goals in Afghanistan and Pakistan to a single-minded focus on eliminating Al Qaeda. Public support for a counterinsurgency campaign in Afghanistan has waned. American officials dealing with Pakistan now spend most of their time haggling over our military and intelligence activities, when they should instead be pursuing the sort of comprehensive social,...


Brazilian face-scanning glasses:

Brazilian police will have face scanning glasses for Security at the 2014 World Cup cont'd.

Facebook Photo Tagging: A Privacy Guide
Here's a rundown of what Facebook is doing with facial recognition, what the restrictions are and how you can stop it from happening if you don't like it.


Wall Street Kills the US Consumer and Expects Him to Spend!

As Maria Bartiromo has been warning, there is no end demand. This is a credit/demand recession. No amount of supply side BS coming from Luskin, Kudlow, ...


Movie Review: X-Men: First Class

Fox International has debuted a Russian trailer for X-Men: First Class and while the entire thing is in Russian it does give you plenty of ...


Independent record labels fear ruinous stock loss in London riots fire

Stock to be distributed by Pias Group feared destroyed in blaze at Sony warehouse in Enfield Numerous independent record labels fear they have lost a catastrophic amount of stock in a fire at a distribution warehouse in north London during the riots in...

Read more: http://technorati.com/#ixzz1UfqfFha6

London riots

Two nights of rioting in London's Tottenham neighborhood erupted following protests over the shooting death by police of a local man, Mark Duggan. Police were arresting him when the shooting occurred. Over 170 people were arrested over the two nights of...

Read more: http://technorati.com/#ixzz1UfoBjYiB


Shock, awe: British government agrees that copyright has gone too far

arstechnica.com - In its official response to an independent copyright study, the British government has pledged to create new fair-use-style copyright exceptions, a...


Comedians lambast ‘Armadebtdon

In a segment titled “ Armadebtdon 2011” on Tuesday, Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” lambasted President Obama’s plea for Americans to make the case for compromise directly to their members of Congress.

“That’s your idea, call your congressman?” Stewart chortled. “Did the president just quit?”

Stewart also took aim at the optics. Rolling tape from Obama’s Monday speech in the opulent East Room, he suggested that Obama’s message of fiscal austerity might be undermined by the “begoldened-chaired, red-carpet path” the president had just walked and wondered if there was any way Obama could “do the ‘tighten the belt’ speech from a room that doesn’t look like the foyer of the Vatican?”


Feds Giving Engineers and Scientists $50K to Learn to Start Companies

“In the 20th century, business innovation was centered on Harvard business school,” Blank said. “I will contend the center is now on the West Coast and it's ..


Nicki Minaj Covers FADER Magazine

Nicki Minaj alongside Yeasayer cover FADER’s annual spring style edition which will drop everywhere on March 2nd, Nicki has this cute little conniving look going. Read more on the issue at The FADER.


Penalties breaks USA hearts

Japan have won their first Women's World Cup after denying Team USA by equalising twice and then holding their nerve in a penalty shoot-out in which three American missed ...


Update: Rihanna Dallas concert

My you tube account was recently reduced to show only one video the account was nearly suspended so it's been shutdown. Weftworld is no longer going to be accessible following a recent concert which I was at to see artist Rihanna live in concert American Airlines center. A fire was reported to have been at the top of the stage, I was seated to the right side and didn't know what was happening until I walked away breathless. Everyone starts to shout and look around I stepped out it was after this concert was finished a blaze could be seen on top of the stage. Afterwards firemen come running down the stairs and it was over, it was the first time i've gone to the AAC Rihanna feat J.Cole open the tour promo his album. I asked for parking think it was obvious something like that would happen, I couldn't find my spot which was nearby the front entrance away from the traffic light. She stepped up on stage singing and stuff I was seated there right next to where the fire started as a matter of fact before it began I tried not missing the stage acts performing their dance routine. I stood up to watch there was alotta light effects happening on stage, the summer is hot I didn't carry a towel, I tried to think by sitting down and not sharing any sentiments. Something was wrong it was loud I had come in from the entrance what went wrong? someone trying to illustrate your music should first of all watch Jurassic Park.


Google+ already at 10 million users, could reach 20m by this weekend

geek.com - Google+ has been live for just 2 weeks, and in that time only those with access to an invite have managed to sign up. Even then, the invites didn't always


Horror of life in a city under siege

SMH.com.au ~ Brothers, fathers and sons from almost every household risk their lives defending the city from the forces of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi which surround it.


Why Some Skypers Are Seeing Red

A very interesting post concerning Skype do you look at phone rates? does anything seem odd like will you obtain a Verizon handset anytime soon? if you look into what they're selling it's mostly just to learn from consumers. Sometimes to settle a big corporate contract. Otherwise users appear to have learned and then taken over the company. Meanwhile the employees want to know what happened to the share prices, good article about choosing the right investment advisor.

British PM announces inquiry into phone-hacking scandal

British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced the creation of a full public inquiry led by a judge into the phone-hacking scandal


Jay-Z and Will Smith Producing Films Together

Jay-Z, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith, James Lassiter, and Ken Stovitz are partnering to form a major motion film production company. The first film slated to be produced is the remake of Annie starring read more.

Do celebrities get better service?

You might think you need to be a personality or a celeb to get good service, but there is another way.


White House unveils retooled plan to hunt al-Qaida

The United States will push ahead with more targeted drone strikes and special operations raids and fewer costly land battles like Iraq and Afghanistan in the continuing war against al-Qaida, according to a new national… Read

Spain’s Gemasolar Array is the World’s First 24/7 Solar Power Plant!

Spain’s Gemasolar Array is the World’s First 24/7 Solar Power Plant!

Read more: Spain's Gemasolar Array is the World's First 24/7 Solar Power Plant! | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World


New IMF head Christine Lagarde faces immediate crisis in Greece

This I hear is going to be a better job although most don't think such a job should be handed to a female. Most of what is happening nowdays in the world of banking, is controlled by the chinese and people like president of the NY Fed Timothy Geithner who sat and sometimes appeared in the national media circuit intentions unknown. I dunno if the job suits an American with basic banking and conflict resolution skills. A match or the other seems like the world was going to stop if the Europeans didn't find her you get what i'm trying to say. Strauss Kahn who was escorted off may have been the right choice to my suprise he was charged then arrested by the U.S justice system. They were seeking someone with experince someone like the Israeli central banker Stanley Fischer. When disaster strikes in Japan much of it got to be highlighted "In normal times, you can probably rely on intuition," Mr. Fischer said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. "But all the time, in different countries, there are serious economic issues" that need to be addressed, Mr. Fischer said, and IMF staffers often offer conflicting advice. "Without having that [economic] training, it's very hard to know, who's best. I thought mistake avoided a trillion gone with the wind. I checked into what happened following the disaster which struck Japan before traveling to Africa. The IMF is now controlled by a french diplomat Ms. Christine Lagarde, personally she's been in the newspaper from an economic standpoint communicating with politicians keeping the money flowing to the hands of the right individuals. There are claims that our president was anti business, thinks the real estate market to have boomed the broke down. So if your interested in knowing where all of our American dollars is moving to I would guess Kentucky or Boston.
Lagarde faces immediate tests in Greece, as well as a longer-range commitment to giving developing nations more power within the IMF.


How Smartphones Can Safeguard the Future of Agriculture in Uganda

Muth has flown more air miles between London-Heathrow and Entebbe in 2011 than on any other route. I recently traveled with Muth to the heart of Uganda, Cont'd.


LulzSec's Sony hack shows rampant password re-use

Most people re-use passwords on multiple sites, putting them at risk when info is stolen, says researcher


Essential irrelevance

What size intelligence?

Tyrannosaurus Rex-gigantic,

A hundred-forty million orbits

Planet Earth's almighty terrorist,

And yet did not have a clue

How to not become extinct?
Creepy crawly cockroach-small
With dinosaurs cavorted
In hide-and-seek
As smilingly
As it assimilates our pesticides?

Homo sapiens narcistic-oversized

In diapers barely hiding mooning bums,

A mere two million runs

Around the sun
And yet already
Planet Earth's almighty terrorist
On the brink
Of nuclear self-genocide?



Union executive: Chris Christie is Hitler

“It took World War II to get rid of the last Adolf Hitler — it’s gonna take World War III to get rid of Adolf Christie!” shouted Communications Workers of America vice president Chris Shelton at a rally outside the statehouse in Trenton

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0611/57164.html#ixzz1PUXvEmae


Late night spaghetti

Each of us, even dedicated cooks, has those nights when we arrive home so late, what with work or other obligations, ...


10 Global Businesses that Worked With the Nazis

Everyone knows about the big three corporations that worked with the Nazis. Hugo Boss designed the intimidating uniforms of the SS (as well as the drabber brown shirts of the SA and the the Hitler Youth); Volkswagen cont'd


Really Big D: Mavericks top Heat for NBA title

Uh oh, it really is “now or never” for LeBron James and the Miami Heat.

Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki scored 29 points, driving for the go-ahead dunk with 2:45 remaining, and the Mavericks beat the Miami Heat 112-103 on Thursday night to take a 3-2 lead.

Five years after going up 2-0 on the Heat, the Mavs finally got that elusive third victory, and can wrap up their first championship in Game 6 at Miami on Sunday night.

“We didn’t want to go to Miami and give them basically two shots to close us out. So we kept plugging there in the fourth. So definitely a big win for us,” Nowitzki said. “And now we have to go down there and basically approach Sunday’s game as Game 7.”

James, who called this game “now or never,” responded from his worst playoff performance with 17 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists, and Dwyane Wade battled through a sore left hip after a first-quarter collision to finish with 23 points.

“I could have made a couple of more plays for my team,” James said. “But at the end of the day, all it’s about is a win or a loss. Triple-double means absolutely nothing in a loss. So we will be better in Game 6 on Sunday.”

Game 6: Mavericks win series 4-2!!!


Gates: NATO alliance future could be 'dim, dismal'

BRUSSELS - In a stern rebuke, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned Friday that the future of the historic NATO military alliance is at risk because of European penny-pinching and distaste for front-line combat. The United States won't carry the alliance as a charity case, the outgoing Pentagon chief said.

Shaquille O'Neal Retires: Shaq Announces Retirement On Twitter

Shaquille O'Neal announced on Twitter that he is retiring after 19 seasons in the NBA.

Shaquille O'Neal changed from his gray T-shirt and sweat pants into a three-piece suit, then walked by some of the souvenirs he accrued during his NBA days for the final time as an active player.


Forget Google – it's Apple that is turning into the evil empire

You may think you own your iPad or iPhone but in reality an invisible string links it back to Apple HQ

Samso, the Danish island living off-grid

Photographer Nicky Bonne travels to the Danish island of Samso, where the residents have completely eradicated its carbon footprint by using wind power. eradicated its carbon footprint by using wind power. Everyone on the island owns a turbine, and with its simple grid of solar power, wind farms and sheep, it's selling its power to the mainland


U.S. Dollar May Weaken on Debt Ceiling Breach, Citigroup Says

A breach of the U.S. debt ceiling may affect the dollar more than Treasuries because international holders of the debt may view the ...

Royal visit will be 'on a size and scale like nothing Canada has seen'

I missed the Royal Wedding the event was broadcast on National Television one morning as a car carrying the prince and his brother is seen going towards Westminster Abbey. I also caught a glimpse of inside the church where the event took place, the wedding of William and Middleton, his girlfriend for nearly eight years, royal newlyweds are set to be on a tour of Canada next month.

Latest GfK NOP survey and rise in sales at John Lewis provide rare double dose of good news – but analysts warn confidence remains very low


I've just logged on and am using facebook for the first time in a number of days. To think how a family member had just put some images of me on the web so i'm unsure of what exactly amounts to a privacy violation. I'm however going to have to explain the danger of tagging, posting or even uploading any of my photo's onto a website like Facebook. Internet's not safe a bug will need to be reported, I don't want to say what that includes because it's a personal issue. Right, I just logged in and am away from my home computer, since the beginning of the week i've had to sit and think about my stay here in EA. If this or any such thing happens to you what do you think is the exact procedure of dealing with the matter. Talking perhaps isn't going to help solve the issue, i've just left him a note telling him/her how it upsets me to be looking at photo's taken before the funeral. Some of the people who wanted to attend weren't there so as soon as I returned, I jumped into documenting everything from his computer. So it's probably wiser not doing or saying anything until he removes the images himself.


17 lost pyramids found in Egypt thanks to satellite survey

A BBC report, “Egypt's Lost Cities,” will air on May 30 and will follow Parcak's team as it visited the area and started a test dig. Along with the 17


Japan outlines plans to end nuclear crisis within 9 months

The operator of Japan's tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear power plant intends to completely shutdown the crippled reactors in the next six to nine months. It also plans to sell off assets to compensate affected families.

Good Morning, this is very good news Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) the Daiichi plant seems to be a really troublesome issue to repair. I was looking at the news and I needed a translator because I under estimated the problems facing your nation. I have noticed the needs of the victims some are shown using their vehicles to carry supplies such containers, did the citizens of this nuclear crisis want to be affected by the reactors? so many questions need to be asked but I will leave it for the journalist.

Good credit ratings can pay off for small firms in many ways

Having good credit ratings lowers interest rates for small businesses. But it can also boost sales and bring better payment terms from vendors. read article


Me though in life's sequester'd vale

ME THOUGH in life's sequester'd vale

The Almighty Sire ordain'd to dwell,

Remote from glory's toilsome ways,

And the great scenes of public praise;

Yet let me still with grateful pride

Remember how my infant frame

He temper'd with prophetic flame,

And early music to my tongue supplied.

'Twas then my future fate he weigh'd,

And, this be thy concern, he said,

At once with Passion's keen alarms,

And Beauty's pleasurable charms,

And sacred Truth's eternal light,

To move the various mind of Man ;

Till, under one unblemish'd plan,

His Reason, Fancy, and his Heart unite.
-Mark Akenside


No new PlayStation, Xbox until 2014?

Cnn - Best Buy will be adding "dedicated" games sales clerks as well as gaming desks to their retail outlets solely for the purpose of expanding their video games department.

In a presentation, Best Buy senior vice president Chris Homeister described the initiative as a "gaming transformation" and a "drive toward number one industry position" in the video games market.

According to company data, Best Buy is currently behind retailers GameStop and Walmart when it comes to revenue from the games department. By adding "dedicated, informed, and engaged employees focused only on gaming," Best Buy hopes to turn the tables.

The new dedicated employees will be responsible for pushing what Homeister calls a "virtuous cycle," encouraging consumers to preorder and purchase not only the retail games, but also "exclusive digital add-ons" that then add trade-in points that customers can use towards another pre-order or purchase. Although, unlike GameStop, these trade-in points can be used towards any line of product within Best Buy's catalog.

The new expanded game departments will mostly take advantage of the shrinking music department, allowing more space for better dedication to video games.


Ziggy Marley Letter: Why 4/20 Matters

As 4/20 is celebrated today, Ziggy Marley, musician and eldest son of reggae pioneer Bob Marley, shares exclusively with Billboard.com what the cannabis-centered holiday means to him. Read his open letter, which sheds light on 4/20's musical tie-in and the advocacy efforts of marijuana legalization.



I just found out that my grandmother passed away in a distant place, she was very close to me but I didn't

really know about her whereabouts. The latest news is that we are the only remainining individuals who are directly

related, I found out about the news shortly after my mother asked if I could get in contact with her oldest son. Nobody

has gone to meet him but i'm part of the family and have been told what happened. I last heard from her some months ago

the weather was sizzling, I could tell something was wrong it's only that I had a job working part-time so I enjoyed speaking

to her because I have not seen her for a very long time. It was in 2001 that she visited us in our apartment she was looking

forward to greeting everyone and watching me finish university. Now that i've heard what happened I felt something was

wrong because i've been listening to my own mother and thinking about what she could be going through as a single woman. My uncle explained to me that she was in a hospital and her age was seventy eight. This was a person that liked to see the family grow, she helped me start school we would sometimes go to the store in Nairobi lately though it hasn't come close

to measuring up to that act. I just recall a few moments and became overly emotional expecially after the election trials

happening. I don't know about spreading the message the way I have done in the last few days, while sitting down I thought to

let everyone know how I felt. She was frankly very old and asking for medical attention because nobody was around to see

her go to church and make a living. I have been following up on the news it seem like I may not understand my mother tongue which I let people know i'm only able to speak with the family. My late grandma visited Boston and appreciated seeing me and my family when next to home in Nairobi. To my recollection I don't know how many people are going through Kenya knowing what is happening around the world, it's not my business how they feel I don't want to forget anyone. I should have gone to see her, I called my family and asked them a few questions they are very poor and need a mechanic to make repairs. In Europe where I stopped to before arriving for my visit I purchased newspapers, there was really no need to do all that listening to music as I traveled through Schipol. I witnessed various films of the Mau Mau rebellion which is behind Kenya. When I stayed in my house during the daytime I would look at news and wonder about growing up black in America. So I hope that her journey wherever she was going was pleasant because I only witnessed her leave her home one time I think she raised them well. Other times I would see old movies of the Mau Mau rebellion prisoners being taken along for the ride, it didn't occur to me how depressing the rural areas looked few business along the road, it's possible to see the village we frequently visited in the summer, my grandma picked the perfect moment to lay on the ground and make us proud. I am going to miss her because of her work ethic which was normal, I could ask her anything after sweating through the night in the bedroom. Listen black this is a close relative I was coming home to close the door, if your behind me just know that she was very dear to me.

World Bank president: 'One shock away from crisis'

The president of the World Bank has warned that the world is "one shock away from a full-blown crisis".


Send Your Message of Support to Japan

The wounds from the 9.0 earthquake that hit Japan a month ago, and from all the other problems that the seismic event caused (the tsunami, the Fuku...

Dutch Government To Outlaw File-Sharing and Block The Pirate Bay

Traditionally, The Netherlands has been one of the most lenient countries when it comes to the sharing of copyrighted material on the Internet, but...


Government workers face the shutdown prospect of being deemed nonessential

At least 800,000 federal workers could get an e-mail or phone call on Friday telling them they are “nonessential.” Just like that, the government can get along fine without them.


U.N. troops surround Gbagbo's "last defenders"

U.N. peacekeepers have surrounded the "last defenders" of Ivory Coast incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo, France said on Thursday, after a week of heavy fighting to unseat him.


Sony CEO casually mentions he's supplying cameras to Apple

Yeah okay Ceo sony does offer unique products. Let's not forget the point that the media was trying to make about their products. I for instance went shopping for a camera once upon a time, and found a gadget which didn't give advice about it's specifications. So just because he's trying it with Steve Jobs makes Sony not look so great at designing cool material.


Butler’s English bulldog mascot Blue 2 is the darling of the Final Four

Blue became something of a celebrity during last year's Final Four, ... Compare that with last year's Final Four, when the high was 19000 views.


Status Update

Okay reader this is a status update to let everyone know that this blog is up and doing well. Despite the changes and lack of feedback i've been thinking to continue with this service. Not to get over confident I haven't been out there as much as you'd think I should, but i've heard enough and am going to just say I like movies and long walks in the park. This follows the disaster which struck Japan, I dunno what to say it's all over the news and I even caught up with their news what an accident. It may not be easy displaying everything there is to learn about Tokyo, it's now a dangerous subject because many lives are missing or lost. My prayers go out to the citizens who have lived there. President Obama said the United States “stands ready to help” Japan deal with the aftermath. “Michelle and I send our deepest condolences to the people of Japan,” he said in a statement.

OP-ED: The collapse of Detroit

De-industrialization, racism, stagnation — is the Motor City our future? L.A. Times


PBS Transcript

This could go on for a long time William Fallon had an idea of the time it took to see us through the Iraq War. A use of force regime crumble Libya goes into exile, coalition and it's commanders will have to be closed off soon. Sitting at home in from of my television as they prepare to set up parallel structure Nato plans to get control, the structure is greatly legitimate and burden is difficult to operate will need to be corrected. Samuel says U.S to be involved Obama thinks that will not be the case for much longer.

Fukishima restart plant tomorrow recovery efforts in Sendai. Lives have been lost many have gone missing two day mother 16 yrs old search & rescue and human needs food, electricity, water issue like blackouts. The shelter a huge problem since end of World War 2 helicopter was returned very enormous challenge, encouragement for people around the world trying to understand. The Japanese media and various journalists who are talking hope for Japan leaving will be easier than going the situation about cooling systems. As the only reactor remaining is left a pool is the only main task left for an engineer. To ring the alarm a team of 700 Engineers will have to stop the radiator leaks. Government hasn't been clear expert predict a need to be clear to help contain this environmental catastrophe. However it's not food a cautious attitude has to be taken towards understanding their language, a safety conditions of the reactor get worse.

At&T merges with T-Mobile wireless carrier i'm currently using. This combination and talks of both telephone companies joining together creates a reduction of share prices. After the approval from regulators and the FCC mixed of what the impact of this could mean for business. It could be added spectrum service could decrees as well. Wireless phone prices shouldn't that trend increased consolidation trends for the past decade. Merger is the large total cost $39 after approval by the FCC low cost broadband At&T competitive pricing after advertising I will have to make similar concession. Public knowledge nobody is using those phone text messaging from African government giving licenses to cell phone providers, 4G technology owns it subscribers says Medley Global. The purchase underwriting choices up to the consumer to pick what they consider best, your not locked extra fee pay is heavy fees and costs implicating for voice service. T-Mobile lower cost carrier from Germany a flexible promoter able to fight through the tough times. What drives the wireless industry? perhaps it's the FCC.


Listen: Secret Libya Psyops, Caught by Online Sleuths

They announced that French warplanes had been monitoring the "No Fly Zone" shortly afterwards I notice on the screen a Jet Fighter maybe from the French Military falling down, it had caught on fire the Navy soon arrived as rebels from the opposing side taking up refuge. They show ununiformed members of the rebel coalition patrolling the long stretch of road at Benghazi. Prime Minister David Cameron appears to have agreed to support anyone willing to keep the peace in Libya, as darkness fell there is some information that Ghaddafi compound is under UN surveillance after the 100th missile get's fired towards the main rebel strongholds within the "No Fly Zone" Mr Cameron said the decisions taken in Paris before the first strikes had the support of Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Jordan and Morocco. There is heavy gunfire aimed at tanks before The President talk from Brazil it was said he discouraged the wholesale destruction of civilians and the bloodshed caused by armed guerillas. The Tomahawk missile is reviewed on the early show, during the weekend I checked the press conference from Paris HIllary Clinton arrived to discuss Libya. She is reported to have said "Killing of civilians in Libya leaves world no choice but to threaten military action."


RSA Hacked

Network security vendor RSA has announced that they have been the victim of “an extremely sophisticated cyber attack.

Read more: http://technorati.com/#ixzz1H6J4yL00


Michael Anti: Blogging the gap between China and Japan

At the end of a three-month stay in Japan as a visiting fellow at the University of Tokyo, Michael Anti, the Chinese journalist, researcher, media activist and blogger, talked to GV Japan about his current mission: facilitating understanding between Japan and China.


Huge Earthquake Triggers Tsunami Off Japan’s Coast

A tsunami hit the coast of northeast Japan on Friday in the aftermath of an 8.9 magnitude earthquake about 80 miles offshore.

The yen fell broadly and slumped to a two-week low against the dollar on Friday after a major earthquake.

In late Asian deals on Friday, the yen declined against other major currencies after a strong earthquake hit Japan's north-eastern coast


A perfect storm of various problems could threaten Saudi rulers

As the wave of protests crashing through the Arab world shows no sign of abating, concerns are mounting over the stability of one of the richest and most influential countries in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia.


Facebook tells Netflix: Watch your back

Facebook is putting a big scare into Netflix Inc. and its stockholders. The social-media kingpin has struck a deal with Warner Brothers to distribute films.


New York’s Push For Hybrid Cabs Gets Struck Down By Supreme Court

Read more: New York's Push For Hybrid Cabs Gets Struck Down By The Supreme Court | Inhabitat Local - New York



If you don't already know by now China is booming yet nobody seems to care, I hope you didn't miss noticing this is the next largest market for hardware and since leaving my last place of employment where computers got an upgrade I am wondering if Facebook is really the cause of this last blackout? are they serious about their ethics and business practices? it could be too much stress when asked about my retirement planning I couldn't think of anything else. This could be too much jargon seeing that social network won an Oscar, and communication with my manager about receiving my paycheck to walk up to it and notice the word enterprise application what does it have to do with anything? are all the changes i've made going to help me get up out of here? I said no but this only because i'm new to socializing online. In a fast economic region such as the U.S our structure isn't trustworthy for a picture is worth a thousand words. Either way i'm not known along Wall Street so on certain days when sitting down and/or looking into a tv. Some of my friends are not people I know personally I cannot access anything but I feel it's antitrust a lame way to be trying to even explain everything. It's a bit too fast i took a look at peoplesoft while standing there trying to clock in for work. There is no caring how to go about it, just looks like a quick way to get on Forbes i'm sorry but facebook should be doing all of that and not Oscar. There is't a cost but the incentive to obtain cash sorta like paypal and former alaska governor Sarah Palin who got her yahoo mail account hacked by a hacker. There isn't a cost but the incentive to obtain money or manage contacts why try if technology really does indeed say nothing but make a mess? this kinda creates a bank atmosphere where your sitting down and looking to go old school. I see users whom i've added but do not like to unlike you just because you got an excuse written down, if writing isn't something you enjoy doing facebook entries aren't much but a backdoor entrance to someone else's unwanted commenting and is probably isn't worth using due because of brainwash from biz television. I cannot understand their privacy policies getting criticism I don't want the unwanted BBS feel to it, what is it? facebook is probably not as complicated as you think. But I just checked and there is a number seventy eight under my link profile. Facebook is turning out to be very complicated I could understand if it was something like an internet service provider. To use it and post various headlines makes it one of the easiest websites to crack, I cannot find where to do such a thing. So maybe tell me your not just socializing but listening to an explanation about a minor misdemeanor traffic offense.

In first steps, new Dallas Mayor Caraway presses statehouse agenda

Dwaine Caraway hit the road for the first time as Dallas' newly minted mayor Tuesday, leading a delegation to the Capitol to press lawmakers on the city's agenda.

Caraway, who became Dallas' chief official Friday, kept to a whirlwind schedule and pledged to do what he could to stave off possible budget cuts.

"We'll do everything possible to escalate the city's agenda," he said.

The trip marked an unveiling, of sorts, for Caraway, the former mayor pro tem, and he seemed keenly aware of his new title's gravitas and duties. He acted every bit like Dallas' ambassador, leading a small delegation of city officials around the statehouse corridors and politely greeting lawmakers from across Texas.



Well it’s great to see this entire project doing the way it is, unlike the old days when I used to look wondering about nothing. Nowdays it’s become a habit finding articles and posting them, without hosting there is a limited amount of money. The space I have is really clearly invicible I cannot begin to explain because someone tells you their going to make an offer then they refuse. I seriously urge you not to fall for their ignorance but I do ask you to step up and help your family anyway you can.


Rant: Middle East uprising

today I was going to sit and look at Egyptians rioting in the news, but I left home going into a bookstore and returning home. This rioting in the news is beginning to take up most of my time, I notice that after last weekends diabolical riot which happens in downtown Cairo, Egypt following Mubarraks ouster. If you looked into the matter, these kinds of actions aren't normal it occured to me that they burn and smoke up the air, throwing stones often punching at the opposite side while shouting leave, leave, leave. I however happened to be slow in my thinking sometimes like a patient for these rioters who went searching for the law took it to new heights. Turn your computer on and try to understand the news media, what has happened there in Egypt, a place flourishing with tourists and real estate. Just seeing them make accusations and businesses holding up signs with arabic writing let's me realize there is no justice. In the same way a few more announcements from the broadcaster concerning anything to do with civilians being involved in a tribal war such as throwing up a tantrum. So I wanted for anyone with internet access to focus and take it personal. A moment I wanted for it to end if you were listening these arabs are certainly responsible for some of the massacres reported also crime and punishement. Rioting was an understatement meanwhile looking at them standing up burning the midnight oil but the radio during the evening may be boring for some it takes effort doing these kinds of things daily. I slammed into thinking two reporters speaking from a hotel, switching microphones and explaining what was happening as camera's followed the army and captured certain colors from the upscale neighborhood next to Cairo a rich suburb. If the event continued I meant to be looking at the for those citizens destroyed whatever made up their town. So there is hopefully a shout for liberty and human achievement.


Arianna Huffington: 'I believe in little legions'

The sale of the Huffington Post to AOL is a great deal for its founder – but what about the unpaid bloggers who made it a success?


Iconic 'Guitar Hero' video game gets the ax

Activision announced it was cancelling a 2011 release of its massive music series Guitar Hero and breaking up the franchise's business unit.


Travel tech

SLATE'S Farhad Manjoo had an excellent column on travel gadgets in the New York Times this week. Experienced business travellers probably already know about things like universal power adapters and Skype.

Black Eyed Peas Vs. Tron: A Super Bowl Contest No One Wins

At the halftime show is a performance I supposedly waited a short while before
it all to appear as though I was in fact going to be missing Glee. I do recall
listening to a Lea Michell perform (America The Beautiful) prior to the beginning
getting her rave reviews; it was highly unlikely for them to give a united show to remember me by
the way it made up for our national anthem. I assume Katy Perry I understand there is just enough room for a Black Eyed Peas to screw up what I thought to
have been a basic show of prowess. Profusion maybe there was too much to remember if there wasn't enough happening already.
The weatherman suddenly becomes the hero of the show, at the end of it footballer Tom Brady is marked as the most valuable player. Really looks as though the band went the extra mile because you can overheard Eminem's 8 mile tweeaking up
my television speaker. I was looking for creativity, skills, colour, fashion and rock & roll. The commercialize one performance because all I see is alotta people on the field moving in unison. I was sitting down then I stood up for a few minutes and then walked off, I could have missed by watching as the crowd booed but for what the show began with Pittsburgh. Arrive at the
airport to take three buses back to Omni new hotel in my hometown. A reporter did the running man afterwards but she's a prototype don't pressure Fox they normally just Open up and Shut up.


Factbox: NFL Super Bowl XLV facts and figures

Facts and figures about Super Bowl XLV, to be played between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers at Dallas on February 6.


New Study Adds to Working Mother's Guilt

A New Study Links Maternal Employment to Child's Body Weight


Charlie Rose Talks to Bill Gates

On the day he released his $34 billion foundation's annual report, Gates talks about his planetwide battle against disease—and assesses America's economic prospects

Egypt protests: an Arab spring as old order crumbles?

The Arab order is crumbling. But whether it will collapse or somehow re-invent itself is far from certain.


MTV’s ‘Skins’ Creator Fires Back: ‘Our Approach Is Not Careless’

A week ago Monday, MTV rolled out its latest series Skins, which quickly became the source of both record ratings and scores of media stories. Now, the show's co-creator has decided to weigh in on the growing controversy that's caused six sponsors to pull out of the show. read


Album Review: Ghostface Killah

In the Golden Age of hip-hop, the Staten Island boys were the rap crew, ... Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, The Dirty Version, or Supreme Clientele, anyone?).


Kanye West's Chicago Restaurant Shuts Down, "It's Unfortunate"

In December 2008, rapper E-40 announced the closure of his own popular Fatburger franchise in California. The hip-hop mogul has confirmed the ...


China Goes to Nixon

China has stumbled into a monetary muddle that’s getting worse with each passing month.


Fiat workers torn between past conquests and uncertain future

A battle over groundbreaking changes at Fiat's flagship plant in Turin has stirred a heated debate about the future of Italian industry and the defence of workers' rights.


Brazil floods: Army deployed in Rio de Janeiro state

Brazilian soldiers have arrived in Teresopolis, one of the towns worst affected by deadly mudslides in the state of Rio de Janeiro, to assist with the rescue efforts.

Anonymous urges global protests

A group of self-styled internet freedom fighters have called for a global day of action in protest at attempts to close down Wikileaks.


Algorithms Take Control of Wall Street

I notice the computer but haven't yet found an appropriate reason to trust it with making a money transfer. A person can punch in numbers but the result isn't just going to be a number but, a lasting effect from the overall process. It's possible that some traders just don't want to stop entering this algorithm instead think of loosing. Taking risks to gain profit search to their level of thinking. Meanwhile there was this announcement on the radio what about monitoring and securing that complex organization? if it's smart money your wanting a great source of info from the Street.


Wiz Khalifa Praises 'Black And Yellow' Producers

With "Black and Yellow," Wiz Khalifa went from heralded underground artist to one ... The music that we were making is real potent. It was like, 'We got to do it [and collaborate].' " The rapper made his name with a

No trousers day on New York subway

Thousands of New Yorkers have taken part in the tenth annual No Pants Subway Ride event.


Reality Series Follows Women of DPD

I caugh an episode of The Show but didn't understand why they allowed viewers so close up anything can happen. If someone you know is always trying to stay out of trouble this should be interesting. Best to practice caution especially after the recent events i'm talking about newspaper articles and not giving you advice at law. I sometime think it necessary to obtain such help. When ask of it, but it's come to my attention and I want to let blog visitor know about analysing the event.