I just found out that my grandmother passed away in a distant place, she was very close to me but I didn't

really know about her whereabouts. The latest news is that we are the only remainining individuals who are directly

related, I found out about the news shortly after my mother asked if I could get in contact with her oldest son. Nobody

has gone to meet him but i'm part of the family and have been told what happened. I last heard from her some months ago

the weather was sizzling, I could tell something was wrong it's only that I had a job working part-time so I enjoyed speaking

to her because I have not seen her for a very long time. It was in 2001 that she visited us in our apartment she was looking

forward to greeting everyone and watching me finish university. Now that i've heard what happened I felt something was

wrong because i've been listening to my own mother and thinking about what she could be going through as a single woman. My uncle explained to me that she was in a hospital and her age was seventy eight. This was a person that liked to see the family grow, she helped me start school we would sometimes go to the store in Nairobi lately though it hasn't come close

to measuring up to that act. I just recall a few moments and became overly emotional expecially after the election trials

happening. I don't know about spreading the message the way I have done in the last few days, while sitting down I thought to

let everyone know how I felt. She was frankly very old and asking for medical attention because nobody was around to see

her go to church and make a living. I have been following up on the news it seem like I may not understand my mother tongue which I let people know i'm only able to speak with the family. My late grandma visited Boston and appreciated seeing me and my family when next to home in Nairobi. To my recollection I don't know how many people are going through Kenya knowing what is happening around the world, it's not my business how they feel I don't want to forget anyone. I should have gone to see her, I called my family and asked them a few questions they are very poor and need a mechanic to make repairs. In Europe where I stopped to before arriving for my visit I purchased newspapers, there was really no need to do all that listening to music as I traveled through Schipol. I witnessed various films of the Mau Mau rebellion which is behind Kenya. When I stayed in my house during the daytime I would look at news and wonder about growing up black in America. So I hope that her journey wherever she was going was pleasant because I only witnessed her leave her home one time I think she raised them well. Other times I would see old movies of the Mau Mau rebellion prisoners being taken along for the ride, it didn't occur to me how depressing the rural areas looked few business along the road, it's possible to see the village we frequently visited in the summer, my grandma picked the perfect moment to lay on the ground and make us proud. I am going to miss her because of her work ethic which was normal, I could ask her anything after sweating through the night in the bedroom. Listen black this is a close relative I was coming home to close the door, if your behind me just know that she was very dear to me.

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