New IMF head Christine Lagarde faces immediate crisis in Greece

This I hear is going to be a better job although most don't think such a job should be handed to a female. Most of what is happening nowdays in the world of banking, is controlled by the chinese and people like president of the NY Fed Timothy Geithner who sat and sometimes appeared in the national media circuit intentions unknown. I dunno if the job suits an American with basic banking and conflict resolution skills. A match or the other seems like the world was going to stop if the Europeans didn't find her you get what i'm trying to say. Strauss Kahn who was escorted off may have been the right choice to my suprise he was charged then arrested by the U.S justice system. They were seeking someone with experince someone like the Israeli central banker Stanley Fischer. When disaster strikes in Japan much of it got to be highlighted "In normal times, you can probably rely on intuition," Mr. Fischer said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. "But all the time, in different countries, there are serious economic issues" that need to be addressed, Mr. Fischer said, and IMF staffers often offer conflicting advice. "Without having that [economic] training, it's very hard to know, who's best. I thought mistake avoided a trillion gone with the wind. I checked into what happened following the disaster which struck Japan before traveling to Africa. The IMF is now controlled by a french diplomat Ms. Christine Lagarde, personally she's been in the newspaper from an economic standpoint communicating with politicians keeping the money flowing to the hands of the right individuals. There are claims that our president was anti business, thinks the real estate market to have boomed the broke down. So if your interested in knowing where all of our American dollars is moving to I would guess Kentucky or Boston.

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