I've just logged on and am using facebook for the first time in a number of days. To think how a family member had just put some images of me on the web so i'm unsure of what exactly amounts to a privacy violation. I'm however going to have to explain the danger of tagging, posting or even uploading any of my photo's onto a website like Facebook. Internet's not safe a bug will need to be reported, I don't want to say what that includes because it's a personal issue. Right, I just logged in and am away from my home computer, since the beginning of the week i've had to sit and think about my stay here in EA. If this or any such thing happens to you what do you think is the exact procedure of dealing with the matter. Talking perhaps isn't going to help solve the issue, i've just left him a note telling him/her how it upsets me to be looking at photo's taken before the funeral. Some of the people who wanted to attend weren't there so as soon as I returned, I jumped into documenting everything from his computer. So it's probably wiser not doing or saying anything until he removes the images himself.

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