Rant: Middle East uprising

today I was going to sit and look at Egyptians rioting in the news, but I left home going into a bookstore and returning home. This rioting in the news is beginning to take up most of my time, I notice that after last weekends diabolical riot which happens in downtown Cairo, Egypt following Mubarraks ouster. If you looked into the matter, these kinds of actions aren't normal it occured to me that they burn and smoke up the air, throwing stones often punching at the opposite side while shouting leave, leave, leave. I however happened to be slow in my thinking sometimes like a patient for these rioters who went searching for the law took it to new heights. Turn your computer on and try to understand the news media, what has happened there in Egypt, a place flourishing with tourists and real estate. Just seeing them make accusations and businesses holding up signs with arabic writing let's me realize there is no justice. In the same way a few more announcements from the broadcaster concerning anything to do with civilians being involved in a tribal war such as throwing up a tantrum. So I wanted for anyone with internet access to focus and take it personal. A moment I wanted for it to end if you were listening these arabs are certainly responsible for some of the massacres reported also crime and punishement. Rioting was an understatement meanwhile looking at them standing up burning the midnight oil but the radio during the evening may be boring for some it takes effort doing these kinds of things daily. I slammed into thinking two reporters speaking from a hotel, switching microphones and explaining what was happening as camera's followed the army and captured certain colors from the upscale neighborhood next to Cairo a rich suburb. If the event continued I meant to be looking at the for those citizens destroyed whatever made up their town. So there is hopefully a shout for liberty and human achievement.

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