I went to the local mall yesterday to ask about employment, when I arrived I parked as like I usually do on the lower level a lady was entering the facility as I walked behind. Anyway the entire place was clean there is an ice skating rink when you enter, I realized I hadn't done anything since arriving so the new tenants seemed busy putting up with the entertainment. Everyone looked puzzled but I continued walking to the second floor where I stepped into Aeropostale to ask about something when I notice a woman who seemingly appears to be the manager walking aside as the muslim customers babbled about something, wondering what they could be shopping for I left to go look for ice-cream. I asked the vendor about open positions and was really not interested with walking through the food court, when I went past there it was okay to say I felt hungry but arrived at Oakley to ask for work. This place is full during the weekdays I suppose the movie theater could be hiring but I fled onto Guess store at the lower level, there is someone at the front counter so I asked if she was hiring and am told to come back. How do you feel about getting a massage here? when told to return I simply went back to ask but found myself inside the handbag store. Anyway next door is a sunglass store so I put back my application and leave with zilch but returned back downstairs, there is someone there waiting to hand over the application I suppose the sales woman went out to lunch. After applying for the job I see a magazine on the table; i'm trying to calm down because I haven't got any money there is something to buy I wanted a job.

If you've ever been in this kind of situation you would turn around and never come back but i'm used to walking past the food court without anything to eat, this isn't recommended because time is money whenever possible I could be going to the theater. But it's now late in the afternoon and something tells me I should leave go home, there is some waiting to do was told to leave the paper nobody is standing at the front counter a woman is trying to make a purchase, Zoe Saldana has been put aside. So i'm prepared to leave here empty handed I seem to like this blazer hanging on the wall it's expensive really needed $77 for food, arcade and decent pair of pants but my budget doesn't allow it. So I go to Game Stop and see a few patrons walking by I used the restrooms and stepped in here to challenge myself to get into videogames. It's getting late everyone is bored with the young ladies speaking to each other on the ice so I sit down and begin to write.

Afterwards i'm ready to go back outside some more people are stepping into shop, there are many entrances I choose this one far away and have to return. Expect
to get a response while avoiding their remarks some ice-cream the shop wasn't there darn. I make a stop as i'm walking past the little youngsters playing by this ice rink, and do not notice the circuit city store which had been closed down. I stop to look at the girls and it they don't want to do anything so i'm wondering about why I decided to pause because I was walking out..another fantastic moment. Mothers day is sunday, May 9.

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