Status Update

Happy New-Year I would like to speak now that I am able to use the web from a safe place although I haven't found work I intend to continue blogging and maintaining this place until I find a job and am able to speak again. My finances don't allow me to do just anything but i've been getting around in my Honda Accord, I am usually able to just receive news and notice e-mails I was looking for work some place nearby. I am not the richest person the Korean military and bureau 21 are all over the newspaper often with nothing but marching propaganda to make you watch CNN they even infiltrated my ability to find interesting things to hear on the air so my radio is tuned to North/South Korea on-air station but I it's a long story they're obviously occupied with hacking Sony Pictures. I just arrived home from outdoors there are very many cars on the road I got a ticket because I made a mistake twice already because I seem to think the bigger things get the faster it becomes. How much are they charging you to drive in your state well since I watched the webcams and found many aren't driving Land-Rover it's not going to be easy approaching someone who isn't even into the ocean. I look forward to speaking more now that I no longer work but the movie theater isn't where I expected someone to look me in the eye and give me a movie pass. I simply entered the building and paid for two tickets but only watched one film it was a long afternoon my cousin had just been admitted to a hospital so I left them there to come back home, I almost didn't arrive but Harry Hines was full of people following the Kansas City Royals loss to the San-Francisco Giants rip.

Win or lose, the Royals still don't know what they're doing

What it looks like to lose World Series Game 7


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