UPDATED – Fidel Odinga is Dead (PHOTOS)

Fidel Odinga was no stranger to showbiz and was regularly spotted in many events hanging out and working with the industry personalities.

Kenyan Police begin tracing Fidel Odinga's last moments
Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000146712/police-begin-tracing-fidel-odinga-s-last-moments.

I feel very sad to be have discovered the sad news I am usually unable to log on but since I just spoke to my family from Facebook, I would like to just say enough is enough. The first time I read an article about him was when they said he won the Kibera senate seat, this obviously marks and/or leaves people out in the cold because the party from Nigeria to East Africa known as ODM Orange Democratic Movement places many unannounced members involved in politics. Politician Raila Odinga comes from Bonn they come from where my family and friends are today, it comes as a suprise many fled from the country after various episodes of terrorism and ethnic violence to see what the previous presidents have done to our tribe I have to mention how terrible it's become. Let's just say a lot has been happening in Parliament alot is owed to us very sad news, about Raila's son what was and still could have been a young politician attempting to gain support but ends up dead. Watching the election wasn't terrible but I expected the Luo tribe in Kenya to make it thru without direction putting dreams aside so many words but just no energy and time for such things these announcements Fidel's death leaves a gap in Odinga's family don't take me being an ODM member by suprise.