Rant: SNTweet

Silicon Valley: Twitter CEO Dick Costolo had it tough

I just watched the news about twitter reshaping it's strategy and whatever else they are asking from viewers because they want a new CEO. It's alright for it to come up with such an idea to begin with I first noticed the social network site when someone mentioned where they were supposed to be during that particular day, anyway it was a unique post I didn't expect such a statement to reach a climax or culminate into naming itself after google. What bothered me is these tech companies try and get rich from users let me explain take two letters from the alphabet, don't you realize it's English. But does anybody care about about tech giants making money the old school way someone is actually learning from such a conversation. It could have been named something else not twitter, this sounds very much like a convention center nightmare. Because I wasn't looking forward to using something I noticed placed under ticket master, someone could get it confused with someplace uncommon to most people. So i'm upset with the way this startup came up with the name and then the simple way it's used you type in a sentence and it's stacked over other words. I didn't come up with the idea to use simple sentences but since I no longer work I find it challenging for such a thing to be covering up office employees mistakes. A CEO should take responsibility for not just who puts on the pants or how you get to actually purchasing the pants, techies avoid the argument they create pitfalls when they talk on and on about bitcoin, when really the garbage is full and some inventor is getting rich controlling the way people think. I listen to a lot of music why don't they just come clean and explain exactly to people why the war in Iraq was fought the way it was? why the war on drugs is publicized the way it is? why certain individuals end up taking the blame when things like the flag get burned. If you ask me I think twitter should be blamed for many things not just for the webcam, waste of time cash shortages, loud music etc. But for the way it's users have turned against freedom and justice in America and instead ignoring the many cultures which built and trusted the web for media publicity. Much happens on a typical day sometimes the media posts news articles tweeting is a waste of my time, I wasn't all too impressed to have arrived for a music concert and people acting a certain way, could it be because the web is no longer safe. Should I be concerned about where they're taking the last dollar i'm worried about when the CEO steps down what will & won't happen? they have biz startups all over town some don't look to be making a single dime. But I noticed the immigrants hired to work at fast food joints at the airport etc at such a place they're not from silicon valley or cash strapped California, they're foreigners unable to buy land. Is the media trying to emphasize to people that certain individuals who did surf the web cannot, get employment or whatever penniless lazy. I don't want to buy into it but communicating like that through the cyber maybe isn't cheap it costs I want a job to but i'm looking employment is like loathing but the rich living in north america got stuff to buy. How come Twitter isn't helping make computer use affordable? why argue it's anti-trust anyway for them to sell chicken and offer computer users personal information sorry if I made immigrants upset. I filled my taxes and my IRS return isn't what I had expected i'm confused it's either their entitled to run with doing that online it's getting all the attention because it rhymes with me personal name. It didn't take much to make it work why think about deleting images when really your all they focus on next to work at the office? why fall short of expectations life is short profit doesn't mean anything to a boss for certainly the show ends people's feelings get hurt. Because of this kind of website it's now easy to share information no matter you race or ethnic background. Something they desperately don't own, inventors should know better than to just manipulate the economy with an internet startup such as twitter.

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