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Nothing much to add i've been offline for a long time, I hope things are going well in here. It's Fall I just left our local mall where I went inside the Parks Mall to look around the theater see if a certain movie was playing, but there's nobody standing in line so I left. I'm usually the one attempting to look for stuff to purchase I wanted something. I wanted to watch a movie but I wasn't dressed for it, i'm confused and I have doubts about what I need to do about it just happened awhile ago. I work Monday thru Friday you can find me on Facebook let's chat despite disliking work, the blog is doing fine after I erased several of them so now only left with three easy job. Also my prayers go out to the people of Thailand who just lost King Bhumibol at Sriraj hospital. Thailand mourns their King may he rest in peace, more information here. The government has declared a year of official mourning and asked the people to avoid "joyful" activities for 30 days. The world's longest-reigning monarch died in Bangkok on October 13. He had been in poor health in recent years but his death still shocked the nation of 68 million who openly expressed their grief. I'm not a Thai but being in Bangkok and witnessing it left me feeling the pain of their loss. Quote from Haslinda Amin Facebook page

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