Special Occasion

Hello, I left the crib today to go take part in a ceremony at Methodist Chapel exact same location where my mom has been employed. The woman I am supposed to be married to showed me a good time I wasn't paying attention but as soon as I walked in I wanted to sit to the right side but I went all the way forward and had to sit in the front, I kept telling myself that I needed to set a good example. Besides that i've now been searching for a relationship mom has been praying that I find someone so it was a particularly special day sitting next to someone who is supposed to be leaving tomorrow morning. I was asked a few questions and like my relative told me nowday's these ladies require you to have money and some kind of a modern appearance and a smile i'm not a bad person why would I leave her behind I look forward to treating her with kindness during the distant relationship me and her have chosen to share. After the ceremony we walked out and met mom she was speaking to someone there were no camera's or paparazzo nobody special just three Christmas trees and some co-workers. I tried to keep updated regarding severe storms phones were buzzing I kept getting alerts about the weather during the evening my phone was on me I put down my cell it's really wack. It was inevitable I would end up meeting someone, I tried downloading the news from the Caribbean to make it look like I cared or wanted to meet that man who said he was the chaplain after arriving he began asking q's.

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