Visit Florida

I recently took a trip to central Floridato visit a place called Orlando. After arriving at around 4PM we stopped by several places and had to cut the visit short because I was with my family and we had left on short notice to go visit this area for the second time. The way we left I will never forget because it was early Sunday morning and we have this child with us and she is very small five people parked nearby the Dallas/Fort-Worth airport south entrance, I happen to be sitting in the back seat when all the rain started pouring after leaving my cousins. We arrived at the airport by bus and/or taxi doesn't matter what you call it some lady introducing herself said she was from Kenya and appears to be dressed in a red coat, similar to the prefects at my junior high school they can be strict and unable to do anything except get you fired up. So I was looking at the way they handle bags and someone from TSA didn't want to allow me to travel with my bag so I was discussing the carry on or bags fly free concept and he refused and told me to get back there and give it to the lady at the counter. Going to Florida again after last year where we stayed for a couple of days I am not going to say anything about the Caribbean but it was near that area Cuba, Bermuda etc. While seated buckled up ready for take off I notice an even bigger plane parked next to my flight this aircraft known as the S80, why doesn't American treat it's passengers to comfort by using a plane like a 737? it however left before I could do anything. But they need to order some new jets the S80 is a bit small doesn't look like it was worth getting into using. Leaving Texas isn't simple but I like how they offer security using those planes in wet conditions instead of the previous one operated by Canadian Airlines one very big difference when traveling to a place you have been invited to see and are privileged to be visiting. But the air hostess said something about the plane being very hot and we had to cancel for like 40 minutes while we waited for them to cool down the engines and get people onboard. Before making it to the counter I ordered something to eat but basically feeling the pinch you know since I don't work and don't go to school, I can only do one thing and that's behave. I didn't ask questions as I went on to step into several places such as a bagel shop meanwhile seated down next to the magazine stand the gate is behind me. Also a Chinese buffet it was early morning when I walked in to eat breakfast well prepared to just hop into a plane and leave. On this journey I think the tickets cost $1000 minus the hotel. I was with my mother so she came along for the trip in order to see and do the exact same things I did when I first traveled there a few months ago. I was looking to meet friends and people who say on Facebook their from out there but I didn't find much of anything except the drive along the shopping districts, definitely intend to do it again in the near future.