Rant About Obama: 'I'm the first Kenyan-American to be president'

CNN - I haven't been to Africa but from what I can honestly tell you i'm not into this guy's appears because I recognize the gentleman from way back in the days I was trying to study at school and went to the English class where I was told I had to go speak to the professor in his office. The class wasn't what I expected I tried to introduce myself to this woman and she caught an attitude since then I haven't been going because of the way the school treated it's students. I am African American I don't talk the way Obama does but I know where he's coming from he doesn't stop shouting East Africa at the top of his agenda, every time you listen to him he's talking about Kenya it's put a stain on the way I view Americans it's not all that now that he's become the first African American president the fact he's black doesn't make any sense I don't know how he became famous. What i'm trying to say is he arrived in Kenya and the people had been expecting them to show up but he skipped after the last attempt now they let him talk to the biz crowd in Nairobi bad idea because the whole mess started when the Police tried making the Mungiki sect play within the slums. They were beating up poor peasants and annoying the media with this mishap. So I just wanted to type something regarding this type of activity because Obama is unlike Ronald Reagan America got lucky when Reagan got on television and declared war on Communism USSR. The businesses in Nairobi should be warned ahead of time about seeing such strange objective individuals claiming to be from the East African ancestry but hanging out with at bars and socializing with strangers. Obama was elected for his second term from what I can tell you I regret even voting for him because he's got Asians fooled yet some Asians claim to know more about Africa than he does the Hawaiian island. I've been called uncle tom by some African Americans and since loosing my job I find it absurd for a black man to be wearing a tie and suit talking about stuff he should be writing, i've had jobs it's funny maybe i'm small but I know my way around such problems. Obama is hidding from the free press and representing individuals who will stop at nothing to see North America evade criminal charges they continue to "Kick It" by fooling the black population into their cowardly acts. I recognize his face this man Obama i've run into many fellows who come across like their your co-worker but very able to defeat you with their charm and phony appearance, don't you know your rights? why are Americans behaving this way? the voter turn out was good but after this visit to a country such as Kenya the weather is going to get worse for the White House. So what should Obama do next I don't want to see anything about Uhuru Kenyatta the current leader of Kenya neither does anyone I know Aliens wouldn't listen to them talking like drunks, their real killers they dress in suits but follow old traditions some of which I choose not to mention. Nothing is normal people are dying the drink epidemic is real, financially I cannot tolerate such mistakes I make less than $20 and you want to tell me I cannot board a train, get hired at Walmart, travel to Australia, play tennis, Buy nice clothes, earn a living due to some banker becoming president. It's well about time you found out where you were from and drove back home this is such a distorted misrepresentation by Americans to cover themselves after seeing something terrible, why don't we just elect a female president will that make it better/worse? I suppose I am in a position where I can remind someone to stop ordering metallic objects. It was a travesty finding nudity online the liars who cheated others where have all the good politicians gone it's time to elect the next individual because this candidate didn't sell it there was tea spilled rice.

Let's face it, Mr Obama has done a pretty good job of running our country into the ground.

But did you know that's actually been his plan ALL ALONG??

Obama has been trying to bring this great nation to its knees the whole time he's been in office, and he's attacked us in different ways.

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