Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Just Kissed And People Went Bonkers: Watch

MTV - I don't know what to say because it seem like Meek is talking on the phone or whatever. I could be on the phone trying to make a conversation and all of a sudden I cannot impress them the thing doesn't work weird but I could find many reasons why they're not kissing based on rumors or false promises whatever, ever since they crowded around the morning talk shows nothing has been the same you just want to be someplace else. Nicky Minaj however could maybe be in Africa where she's on stage performing relationships maybe don't matter but unlike what I know and have found out you cannot change women, what if you happened to see them together and start thing otherwise about others fooling around weird isn't it. One minute it's cool the next minute people ignoring you arguing happens, I would like to invite many females i've asked to become friends with it doesn't appear like they even care some just want to spoil the opportunity and make it sound like your a dumb guy. A man can lie but I had other things in mind when i'm rolling, walking or going places things just pop into mind. I heard about something they're cool I guess, I hate when that happens just because I can be lost in translation i'm religious praying is out of the question. I see the mistakes and things around me that just makes no sense where am I going. To be hallucinating about stuff behind the wheel I read somewhere they have a certain someone under surveillance because they were masturbating while driving, why? it's because their criminals and cheating happens when your a broke girl no need to explain further dropping it literally means dropping it and bouncing. But I can't put myself into their environment rap get evil what could you have done? walked away or got her attention.

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