President Barack Obama's Kenya visit details 'leaked' in airline email

US News - Kenya prepares to welcome President Obama to the country where his father was born.

The Independent - US Secret Service agents are facing a possible security breach over Barack Obama's planned visit to Kenya after a Kenyan Airways official apparently emailed out details of the president's schedule.

Kenya Airways : KQ drops change of flight fee during Obama's arrival

It's good that the U.S president is visiting his home country of Kenya they say he's not supposed to talk about Gay's I didn't know about this until they said it. Obama will be at this exclusive sports complex in Nairobi, Kenya this weekend speaking to the public about various issues it's supposed to welcome him to East Africa, since leaving Kenya I didn't hear much talk about Obama just the unusual news reports about Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. I take it citizens intend to hear him talk about something if you enjoy watching television like I did when I went there for a funeral in 2011 follow closely. To see if any of the locals want to obtain something from the "Democratic Luncheon" which they claim is supposed to make people dance and not scream in agony. Let's not hate Americans or be illiberal perhaps if it's not too much to ask that the Kenyan government avoid being parochial by controlling the news media & Paparazzi, with requests for hotel space, computer, food, travelers checks etc. Let's get ready for President Obama expected to meet his family members in Nairobi.

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