Fed-Ex Ground

I would like to share this entry because I used to work for the company and happened to find this interesting, it's about small business for anyone wanting to know or use their services. They hired me to work as a package handler and I worked there making $9.96 an hour I however got hired somewhere else a place called Gate Gourmet. I put in so many applications but Fed-Ex hired me to work the afternoon pre-load shift or something. This sounded confusing because when I showed up for work they were constructing the entryway and had us check in at the booth or whatever, I would sometimes come back to ask if I could go in and work but left my wrist band in the car. It became bothersome having to do all that changing of gear so while I was about to go home one day they terminated me. It's because of a dispute I had with the supervisor she asked that I come into the office to speak to my manager. The manager told me to wait in the break room to be told I wasn't going to be employed anymore so I just stood there wondering what else was left to do, I had made some mistakes loading the truck I understand the job was difficult but it was time to clock in/out. I wasn't interested in the way they treated employees because the work I heard thru the grapevine was stressful. This may help anyone wanting to do biz globally, compared to UPS I don't know where else you can go, what else you can do to repair a damaged reputation. The other job sent me packing also I was looking to perhaps continue showing up and giving strangers rides before arriving, I wasn't offered a raise just a t-shirt and a photograph. I requested that they offer me incentives like for instance instead of standing in the cold freezer, hand me a SIDA badge, I'm told this violates company rules.


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