Tyga Reveals Why Paul McCartney Was Turned Away from His Grammys After-Party

The rapper took to Jimmy Kimmel Live! to explain.

That's funny I been to many places and wasn't able to get in I don't know about you but it's silly trying to get into clubs without cash money, it's the main reason I don't like certain types of females. I had just left the crib after returning from Taco Bell I was at the movie theater watching this flick called Karate Kid anyway I even stopped to grab some CD's but ran into some customer I assumed were Asian gangsters. I remember it was just before the World Cup matchups in South Africa. A lot of crazy stuff happening this morning I wasn't going to get upset and throw some bottles but it definitely could have been presented in a better way, after getting past the drive-thru I arrived home without blame them dudes at the window must have been a bit too excited or even against me.

I wanted to get out there I had been indoors all week so I wanted to see what was happening, at first I got lost but then driving at night was nothing new to me I do it often. I tried getting some money but it's nothing secretive. I don't often get invites either unlike when we would go to NYC during the weekends and have no way of coming back. I used to live back in New-Jersey nowday's "less talking" happens but it's on a sad note a level he may have found high thinking it's always seeming climactic. I even get to hear the threat level on the radio station sometimes. I make wrong decisions it's annoying but let me tell you there is something over there which you need to notice. I was in an Arab country we trying to catch our flight me and mom it's early morning we needed food we refused to go get me something to eat. So I started to ask what was going on and as soon as I see the whole picture I reach for the GPS to tell me how far before getting to Houston our destination. After arriving in Kenya I go to bed and wake up to find everyone crowding in front of the White House because, Osama was no longer alive he got killed.

I go to Mcdonald's but I got no money you see what I mean getting into the clubs or catching trips inside taxi's cabs, horseback riding, reading a newspaper etc, anything is possible. As a matter of fact I while roaming around Nairobi, KE and early in the morning they're holding prayers it's so loud, someone a Muslim prayer during a tornado like thunderstorm someone asking if it would wipe away our belongings. Yes late in the evening sometime early going to the bus station to pick someone up and we got no time for conversation less time to look at news it's hard. But I got people telling me about wealthy neighborhood's unlike poor ghettoes there's no money no job, because of my age, ethnicity, codes certain stuff isn't allowed it's like strict enforcement at fashion shows what you saw was rubbish your attire can ruin everything even at restaurants you wouldn't believe it. Some things you catch others you don't it's just bizarre how people refuse to co-operate you've either got it or you don't, in or you out, arriving/going/leaving, entering/never leaving. It's somewhat like at the border if you've got no point walking in there without carrying credentials and dressed to impress who's going to give you anything understand.

What upset me about it is as soon as I arrived I parked my car across the street and compared to the last time I went to this location, something weird took place. I got out of my car and I didn't bother to look but it seem like partying got out of hand and stuff going down you see folks talking, from over here it did seem ruined, it wasn't until I drove back from the venue outside nearby I discover some beer bottle laying there and a police woman coming towards me. They were like asking me for $5 at the entrance and I told her I didn't have it could I be allowed to get in for free? I spoke then left I heard it cost $10 I drove all the way out to D-town and like always I didn't have money. Depending on what you recall does anyone remember the radio van parked outside the entrance booth outside a club next to the mix master. I waited there alone standing while someone ran inside coming back without entering the event, I even had my own relative show me how you couldn't get into certain places late at night the club. Once I walked away trying to sit at the bar I looked down and there were some broken bottles of liquor out on the street. So compared to the last time I noticed a law enforcement officer rolling by, it wasn't going to get any worse because of soccer world-cup outdoors clubbing to see another waiting to perform in D-town. Because of God but anyway it was cool leaving without getting caught up that club was packed late that evening.

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