Status Update

Hello, wassup? I just wanted to let visitors of this blog know that I will not be able to post updates, the reason is it's been three weeks since I was unable to completely shutoff my Lenovo. I went to work out or whatever and when I returned home from the fitness center a police woman knocked on the door in response to a fire alarm that had made her come to my home, it's weird because the same thing happened late one evening when I couldn't remember the fire alarm passcode. Soon after shutting it off or recalling the password which I entered into the machine a fire truck pulls up and I had to explain to them what I was doing. The notebook during the Christmas holidays couldn't shutoff so I had to sit there at my desk thinking about the New-Year etc, unfortunate because I wasn't able to understand the chat session it was just after using search engine(s) from my wireless cellular T-Mobile phone that I was able to locate a number after quickly shutting it down I called them. Lenovo asked for a serial number from underneath the notebook someone hacked into my computer no further problems. Not funny because I was introduced to someone who didn't even have a Facebook account, they in turn had to fly back home after the holiday's on short notice, she promised she was going to come back I cannot believe this happened lately it's been practically impossible staying awake. But in my opinion I think she got away with finding where I stayed I don't trust people who approach you and convince you their beautiful etc. This problem occurring shortly after hearing tornado warnings and sirens from a thunderstorm. To my surprise it was unable to shutoff but that's not a surprise I have issues with Microsoft sometime after obtaining the computer I installed an Operating System which I searched for and downloaded Windows 10, I am unable to use the notebook so you will not be getting regular updates from me until further notice.

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