Finally Home

Finally able to make a post it's been almost five months since I said much but i'm finally able to post at least something. I been away from my desk nothing to fear it's what i'm watching I guess with several blogs to run I barely have time to speak to folks. I ran into someone awhile ago you know introductions are an obsession I have done enough, hand shaking to know what to do when you meet someone who's done some work on bikes. I was at the North Texas State Hospital which is nearly 3 hours away from the Tarrant County jail, I wasn't able to leave but I ran into a person who has done many things to shape the motorcycle biz; anyway we fooled around and spoke somewhat about how to ride and his collection of ammunition which I thought was dangerous so I tried not speaking to him too much. So I asked him what about the work he's done towards motorbikes and he told me a thing or two about the imprint on the back of his Harley Davidson t-shirt he has on. Which didn't resemble black it was faded out, so I kept quiet and tried to make sure that I was able to remember the title name since they've been building custom chopper bikes now for years. I hope your looking at this from the stand point of engineers and are not afraid to push up on stuff. I am finally back at home my car is in the garage I am unable to move it, I think the stickers are old but I will be out on the road soon as I get a job. I been gone but it wasn't long I heard so much about the "N word" that I don't feel it necessary to use it. On Friday I packed up my things and was told to wait for my ride, I may have left those dudes at the hospital but I promised to put in a word about them in case I got out. I ate three times a day and caught up with the action you know the fighting over territory, the constant request to eat noodles, the visitors, the prayer etc. I will try not getting drunk despite my loneliness inside NTSH that place did plenty to feed us and provide me with a place to sleep, I deny smoking a cigar while using someone phone outside. But I called home to speak to my cousin who agreed to come get me from outside the Justice center. I called my cousin to come get me it was 5 months I am guessing since leaving home to go to court when I got released right at the front of the court house I made up my mind. No fooling around with drugs especially alcohol, they called me to go speak to the judge it was around 10 AM and I had been thinking about leaving jail the previous day so I thank everyone for their support.

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