Status Update:

Hello everyone, it's been a long time since I posted something about myself i've been firing up my notebook hoping to get hired somewhere but this appears to be just a lie. I walked into the offices of CAS and even made calls to New York JFK asking for a job, because they had called me and asked that I "come here" I agreed but never heard from them. So I been calling and it's made me think twice about going to the airport to ask for work. I been busy so much so that I tried UPS and sorry I showed up late I went there early one morning to find that all they were doing is taking down names and not giving me a job. I been praying I have lost touch with the online way of living but keeping up with Facebook unless you been living under a bridge you know what that is anyway, i'm just here to explain why I been gone for so long. These misconceptions from prospective employers happen so I wouldn't bother them any more i've been on the road rolling around and as a matter of fact my car needs to be repaired so I was waiting maybe until end of this week to get paid so I can get out there and shop. Thanks a lot for coming to my blog and passing thru I appreciate it, I attempted to have a shop where I could make some money and become like the next president elect it's on Amazon i've got some items still waiting to get paid for. But what I really wanted is a new car I been driving a lot lately and was hoping I could get something like this car, to explain further I know I don't have money but maybe one day I wake up and roll into one of the dealers and perhaps am able to afford it. Since I haven't been chatting I been looking around and is it just me that needs pajamas from the mall? I don't think so. Maybe there's a reason I heard the radio and really wanted to be in the air if 24 karats looks magical to you since, I can remember going to the mall and noticing the diamonds we weren't there for that though it was for a Roseta Stone the web got plenty of stuff. I had a word with the sales person at Helz pointing out the black rolex which I know someone wanted good luck Trump. I know better my cousin recently got her children from the hospital so I been making visits with my mom now that it's Christmas there isn't much to say I just hope your doing fine and staying on top of the game. Since leaving my last place of work I realize how much we want to obtain new stuff so I will be praying that you get what you want to have from Santa-Claus. I have good intentions for our country i'm forced to wake up and get out there unlike some of you weekend fans don't quit your jobs. Thanks a lot for surfing.

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