D/FW Airport will probably need sixth terminal this decade

I just would like to speak about the last part of the article which mentions the A380 because I usually go into the airport to help people leaving their friends so I notice stuff when i'm leaving/entering the terminals. I once noticed a plane it was a Qantas Plane parked at the gate meanwhile we're moving past so I wanted to talk about how they talk about upgrades yet it doesn't seem like the people visiting the terminal are even interested so like I said just passing by. I am no airport expert it's not easy getting from point A to B at Dallas/Ft-Worth Airport there aren't alot of people looking at you just to get you to hand them flyers it's ridiculous I once worked there the talk about Airlines is garbage it's very dangerous especially after closing hours when everyone is gone and i'm unable to even sleep. Because it's not my responsibility chatting about stuff to do with American Airlines, but I notice the police car parked next to me at the light. I was expecting to get work but since there's nothing I wanted to share less with you, the airport has been around handling traffic it's quiet since last working there I get upset but I will continue praying that they do something about improving how they handle individuals walking and parking at the airport. The cost of buying stuff in that place isn't cheap you
can suffer all you want but because Airbus is making all these promises to folks some got locked out when the 777 came into service. Speaking to me I seem to think anytime I go to ask for something at the airport they just lie often it's either the airliner Qatar or Emirates to make the announcement. Some of these business agreements do sound appealing it's however costly because planes crash just imagine DFW Airport mishandling flights loosing employers and corporations. Funny thing is an A380 is supposed to be this marvelous object the aircraft you notice over there don't look anything like 777. So how come they call them A380's? why is it we're forced to live without jobs when the airport is nearby? I know about the 80's I doubt how seeing stuff like that get's you into problems it's impossible working over there the traffic has increased I don't think the new terminal is going to help get you paid. It's always good going there but with these silly issues and mistrust I don't think flying from Dallas is going to be anything cool people looking sad terrorists not to blame there's just nothing left they construct homes and ignore the problems. It's an Airbus vs Boeing sort of complaint but at the cost of customs getting employees outta the way. Just so travelers can walk in/out with toll tags pass by the terminal see for yourself there's nobody doing anything whatever. A construction worker quickly instructs me on how to reverse but they've completely got it backward at the airport properties are costly. Something funny that happened? I was looking at the plane it's a parking spot the sole purpose to carry whatever somewhere. The entrances/exits are attracting flights that area is starting to suffer especially from the crime and punishing plague from toxic bio hazards surfacing towards the airport. Who should they contact OSHA? the DHL building is over there you notice the disappearance whoever's moving away from there in their brand new European beamer your quickly led into a street taking you even further into their present lies going past Amazon. Check out these developments because i've noticed enough.

On another matter, Donohue acknowledged that a second airline is talking about bringing the largest passenger aircraft in use, the Airbus A380, to the North Texas airport.

Emirates Airline, which flies from Dubai to D/FW, will replace a smaller Boeing 777 with the A380 in October. That would make Emirates the first carrier to put an A380 on a D/FW route. Donohue said another airline is considering A380 flights as well.

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