Rant: For Ronda Rousey, UFC 190 Is All About The Sisterhood

- I don't exactly know when the MMA intends on getting out of those women this upcoming fight they're promoting it and both fighters seem to dislike entering their weight adding to the attention it's brought to the sport event. I however would want to add that it's alright for humans to argue and to box each other and mixed martial arts only get's dangerous after someone get's hurt why all the confusion? it doesn't seem to be promoting self-defense awareness just health concerns. The fact is today everyone wants to be wild and dangerous i've noticed on some occasion the Policemen in public I guess it's okay out in public you've got nobody coming to help it's outside at the mall nobody to call you out in fact their cooking witches the individuals creating trouble when she became famous doing that you know what I mean? what to do next there's nowhere to go but down. After watching Ronda Rousey on screen during Furious 7 I kinda imagined it was impossible but that's what people look forward to these days sitting down enjoying the impossible despite the cloud it places on their fans. I don't really want to discuss who won the fight but I noticed the actress Michelle Rodriguez showing viewers how stuff gets done. The film took in $68 million I guess that's what the stars expect or look forward to no matter the consequence of media involvement so an actress in a movie generally nobody would care but it's not interesting to find celebrities in films I dislike seeing the two getting mixed together. I understand she can fight but her popularity is foreign when you consider the reaction to the film indeed during the filming I heard about the crash reports about safety standards injuries on the film set, she appears desperate the movie is controversial Ronda Rousey needs to stop doing that she's going to ruin everything. But I just want to put it out there it's not what their saying because I went to see it and it turned out awful. It appears beauty does help get these celebrities more exposure but how when the reality is rarely can you meet someone famous, because the box office isn't going to help people stuck outside partying never paid the bills it just goes to show how risky attending movies can become when you under estimate someone's intentions. Misfortune, leave that to the lost people because there's no time for such nonsense I guess I shouldn't mistrust the sport but MMA promotes violence what does she have? compare them make it work doesn't seem right very terrible. Some act tough running with strangers if you introduce yourself to me buddy I will respect you but out there it's a different world we got enemies, so i'm here to tell you even if their strangers they could be dangerous trust nobody watch what you say it's cool you gotta do what you gotta do maybe need protection avoid trouble makers.

Ronda Rousey KOs Bethe Correia in 34 seconds at UFC 190 title bout

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