@the_padded_room I will always remember this interested? having noticed the posting on Tumblr i'm not going to let anything slide because I always want to wear nice shoes but when they got me some wack paired shoes problems started. When I went to the concert I wasn't necessarily looking to be wearing a cheap pair of shoes with some outfit but it turns out everything went okay I don't know too much about fly sneakers but I try. Check out this pair obtained by rapper Trinidad James but i'm over here I been to the mall the shoe store had gotye a wall. It's back to school certainly walking thru the Galleria mall watching folks step out after shopping listen driving up at the stop light I realize I need directions. I really needed money that day a nice lady walks over after responding at this shopping center to give me directions i'm inside the car recall traffic how to get in there I ask? up to this point I believe it's not my fault. But I came all this way to get an application for work, I was sitting outside the store on the first floor writing stuff down on the application when suddenly I start to see bling you know the armored truck I knew what time it was. Dallas is a nifty place to drive thru it's a typical excuse not having friends to follow know what I mean??? no bill I could had parked close by walking out and onto the next shopping mall. After arriving something tells me I made the mistake of going to the big city when really all I needed to do is exit thirteen but like always this story must come to an end.

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