4 Russian warships launch 26 missiles against ISIS from Caspian Sea

RT News - They're going about this well but because their Russian warships I don't want to mislead with this announcement haven't you heard about it in the news? when are the documentaries going to stress leadership and not just this showboating considering stuff costs annihilation ends who requested for the Teflon don. Topics like this don't come across to be interesting they make me recall systematic weapons of genocide. I've been in embarrassing situations even discussed by requesting to be told where certain things are you may notice the silence it's probably because of violence in neighborhoods, there's a lack of income to fuel gangs like in the old days when they made films or hidden meanings within street signs, I guess. People get abused it's never fun walking into situations which prove them unhappy such as at the traffic light and train stations, i'm not a fool but African-Americans sometimes react different cultures have limitations nobody knows what's going where. I guess the smarter you become the more you start to realize political situations not familiar faces especially in the early morning when you've got plans yet find locked doors. I am not illiterate I know where i'm going but some produce cheap tickets still having to provide others something they aren't supposed to. It's not cool abusing a society let me just say even when there's a situation where the nail has to go into the piece of wood regardless. The Russians get bribed it's obvious when you consider they've got cops and Vladimir Putin thinking he's a global ambassador sounds anti-business getting the world's attention to something involving terrorists abusing women, I am no communist I deny saying I go places and encounter problems. Where their going whoever has sent them didn't care. It maybe all over the news but something should be said about these immigrants exercising freedom of speech it's not their it's ours. What about arriving there then starting to think we're here to wait for something to happen but they're locked in there mean people suck, if an accident were to happen? i'm standing but it's not like I was warned I just think it's dumb. ISIS members carry weapons sure but what's to be done about making payments making money? don't be in a rush crash that stratagem not curious solve problem. I got places I need to be going I notice stuff whoever is listening definitely took it upon themselves to arrive on time not miss the show.

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