Rant: Becoming Rihanna

This was somewhat interesting I haven't been checking for the FaderLauren Hill the critics have channeled her sound into this box where all your able to experience are the problematic episodes of her craft. But I don't find what she's making very hard to create no matter who she get's into the studio to work with, why not get better product out of her album the stuff sounds like it's trying to do it but it's not making her any cash. For this purpose I got into listening to African R&B singers, a few religious acts they say a lot of nice things about God and i'm searching to find dance musicians creating all this work, I mean it doesn't have to grab my attention but it's just dumb a waste of time in a moment explaining to someone who Jay-Z is who me? who it is/ what it do?? they're just wasting my time meanwhile over there. So regardless when I manage to see and meet famous acts perhaps the sound doesn't catch of off tempo it's just incredible I would like to suggest fans look into her fragrance she's powerful indeed granted you want swatches.

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