Toronto Blue Jays 6-3 win over the Texas Rangers

Today, I just wanted to comment I wanted for us to win it seemed certain before seeing something about them not winning, it's devastating I don't know how much some of these folks put into observing a baseball game but I am sure it's nothing small. Right now just searching but it's probably best to just sit back and let it all in as we hear exactly what happened, as for the headlines each morning it felt like an extremely excruciating ordeal having to watch baseball games. I remember this one time I went to fill out an application and it was for a part-time job everything was silent some walking out, we had just been eating at KFC and then an argument erupted concerning some cash I could locate. Anyway, we've battled and played Kansas, Houston Astros and now it's the Blue Jays take a look at the schedule. I heard about them winning it from a news report then it all ended with ESPN saying they left their bench at the bottom of the 7th poor we obviously didn't speed it up or pause when we had to. Sometimes it's best to toughen up and learn how to just step it up over there at their scrapping yard. Soon after arriving maybe next time we gain back our composure from the lose and get smarter we hope to get to it once again but thru another way leave. Your welcome to follow up on them thru the local news station NBC DFW.

Jose Bautista HR caps wild 7th inning for Jays, Rangers

Jose Bautista's blast send Blue Jays to Game 5 victory

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