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Hello, tomorrow marks the day Sept 11, 2001 when hijackers attempted to take over New-York by overpowering the federal government and striking a building that landmark event at the World Trade center towers in Manhattan whoever stayed awake that night knows what happened.

Today I got up in the morning to think about Nicky Minaj she was supposed to be making an appearance on television show ellen, so I didn't see the video mom returned from work and brought me something to munch it's Jack-In-The-BoX. The news has been talking about a Baltimore Ravens player assaulting his girlfriend inside an elevator sounds terrible. Despite my job situation I look forward to speaking to someone about getting my job back, since i've been asking people in the office to hire me they've told me to go away. I was sitting down at home football, my journey, getting hired, staying focused putting our lives together look at the sky as it was falling nothing more to say. I've been surfing to twitter alot i'm getting fed-up just asking about it. I recently saw a news story about an incident where someone interrupted the president as he's making a speech in front of a crowd sort of like the shoe throwing incident. The president is however a busy person in order to see him you would have to get out there and drive etc, they are in Migori County in South Nyanza the president and his bodyguards. As he was speaking on the microphone someone or certain group of individuals ruined the speech, someone interupted him to tell him off the bodyguard claim they were inside a car or stuck in traffic during the speech with the man known as Uhuru Kenyatta. They ran close by don't think I would bother asking what made them do it, who did it etc but it was very embarrasing to see such a peaceful meeting get ruined. The vice-president who is known to fly onboard his brand name jet was puzzled as he responded to questions about the election riots at the hague, hecklers normally sit and look onward to travelers leaving the state capital what's so nice inside that airport which recently caught on fire? I was thinking if I wasn't at home in East Africa sitting
down listening to the radio, the security and the rubbish the announcements is somewhat difficult to understand. As for securing the leader of Kenya I would blame the way he travels on this sorry cheap aircraft they have asked him to buy something like what the vice-president is walking down from a real executive jet not the state owned airplane like the ones Etihad is using for Cargo. I blame the crowd for interrupting that speech, bursting instead of speaking in a soft tone language they got dirty going back to town feeling humiliated unpeaceful. The way KTN made the announcement putting the black in man breaking the means of transport for him and his automobiles. Why not act in obedience to his leadership i'm going to see if I can step into the Apple store to listen to one of these records if impossible the electronic store. Of all those musicians I been listening to some urban songs which sound okay while in Florida which ones do you recommend I order? go and find. SIA is one of the best artists by far in my opinion our trip is coming up in a couple of months, I will not be seen there anytime soon I called about the ticket and was told I couldn't buy it $1000. So I heard it's best dreaming about it from where I am sitting a "Jaguar XF" was parked I ask you to please not drive, cars are cool but what about money, power, respect? if you can stay cool all those other sedans don't sound right they make them look safe their faking it.

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