Hello everybody how is your summer going? I will not be able to make an adequate payment to any bank know why, it's because of recession i've just been seeing some of my online contacts and they seem to be very interested with social networking. I regard living online very highly I mean sometimes I march all over the crib wondering who will pvt message me. I'm at the computer desk and there seemed to be some talk about privacy what does it all mean. I supposed people change we just use e-mail; frankly there is nobody I know doing anything wrong everything is explained as self-employed that sounds like a long dry response. This is a personal blog i'm using I normally working PT until the oil spill. When driving along the highway I feel lucky and belive this should be alot more than asking up for notebooks, i'm waiting to speak to someone about work. I viewed the world cup happening in South Africa ask anyone the Japanese lost. Otherwise I walked outside soon before it was over I missed the opening ceremony performances. I had to go repair my personal computer which was recently destroyed. I'm unable to listen to the radio know what I mean. I bought a nice t-shirt afterwards walking to the movies alone; but seriously need to shop here. I have to catch up with the Black eyed peas think their new album conveys an open message.

Rap artist Kanye West upstaged by his cheeky girlfriend Amber Rose as she frolics in an orange bikini

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