(Video) Shad Moss aka Bow Wow Says Empire Stereotypes Black People

In Flex We Trust - Does Shad Moss aka Bow Wow Says Empire Stereotypes Black People have a point or is the point aimless? Is he just saying what a lot of people won’t say? If Empire was on BET instead of a major mainstream network, would more people say it was pushing stereotypes???

I never watched it so I wouldn't say anything I hear many talking about it but perhaps if Fox did more promotions, I would notice the tv schedule and select it on my receiver. Someone should sit down and talk about extending those episode's to repeated but it's unlikely for me to be that type of character because there is nobody willing to cough up the cash, instead these actors want to dress in flashy clothes which promotes a rich culture from a suburban stand point. I was okay having noticed the program which just so happens to have been the first episode about the car industry. Doesn't anybody think about safety and the late Tupac Shakur & Notorious Big killings the rivalries must be about some serious stuff not just about Femme Fatale. Black people got better things to do we're not going to sit and watch something that's called Empire. Because somewhere behind the curtain something should be said about snitching and the extreme people take for granted stuff to do with Mortgage, Pensions, Allowance, School Fees, Credit card receipts etc.

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