Today I spoke to a policeman at DFW Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport about a complaint from someone I recognize, he told me about a complaint this woman had filed about me harassing her and sending text messages which were sent to her about work she is a new hire lady I recently sat next to at the airport and at the job. So I he gave me this notice of criminal Trespass Violation to take back home, I told them I didn't think it was going to be a problem getting my SIDA badge I tried not to talk since I've previously been told that i've taken it too many times it was impossible. So the man told me to keep my hands out of my pocket and gave me this warning, but as I was walking away another policeman told me to "get lost find another job somewhere else" outside I was told "no badge get going" so I told them but "This is a public terminal" Texas Penal Code section 30.05. I was upset because I had been waiting for almost 3 hrs they showed up but were kind of hiding behind me in front of the reservation desk while I was watching television. The woman whom they were speaking about walked off before I could think about what I was going to do next, stuff like this just happens I mean I didn't break any rule they should do something about all those people waiting outside the Office at DFW Airport terminal D.

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