Deja Vu

This could be deja vu while seated i've just realized that it's Friday and there music available for download some of them aren't all that I expected. Well as a single African American there comes a time I regret most of the items within reach, the weekend was here there isn't anyone to chat with here goes. It's not a challenge helping myself to a good read sometimes I find reading very interesting because the satellite TV, music and tattoos took nothing. The things I thought of when in motion lately though the memories and expressions slowed, dreaming did start occurring. I'm puzzled with that technology for family got bigger and I now judge society with sorrow for the look on their faces shows when I could have bothered to think about. I just assumed Twitter was popular now that they say they're going to put ads why bother going into the bookstore? i've been away for a long time next to all this listening. I guess the campus became a lot more organized after I left to come home and watch TV; is anyone going to comment perhaps you watch 5 or more hours of television and have something to share. As a college student not attending it puts me behind aeons knowing that I got downgraded, have no job and strike to fit in with the generation that is on magazine covers, traveling, shoplifting, going to the movies, investing and taking vacation to Michigan. I will try to remember school this year incase I forget what schooling really stands for.

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