Guide to copy-and-paste in Windows Phone 7

If your interested in any of these headlines about the Microsoft phone just leave a comment I asked for and noticed the electronics store no longer selling Sony products such as the boombox. So I started to feel uncomfortable knowing I couldn't trust any other manufacturer. I called Sony before walking there again to ask about their new line of camera's. I spoke to a sales man i'm told to register this product so I don't loose it. I have already sold it, it was a new camera purchased at the store. I hope your going to do your homework before believing in any of these gadget guides. I just regret loosing my camera the remaining thing isn't Sony it's the empty hand. What do you think should Sony USA have created this gadget instead of Microsoft I already noticed the Apple ipad what about letting Sony electronics for a change. I no longer notice consumers going to the local electronics stores to choose blueray dvd's and/or talk about that empty spot on the rack. See the headlines

The current version of Windows Phone 7 lets you move the cursor, but not highlight any segment of text. So I imagined that the copy and paste feature would ...

Microsoft: Copy and Paste coming to Windows Phone in early 2011‎

Find info about the new Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system and how it is revolutionizing mobile devices and smart phones.

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