Whole Foods: Don't Eat That, Eat This

They weren't playing around at the spot where I asked for 2 pounds worth of hot chicken, from my last time going to this store to pickup food I had doubts because I had very few dollars and it was a holiday. So after making my selection I had nobody to share the meal with and so I just put it in for storage until it was completely gone.

I was going to need some bread while stepping through that very same situation I happened to pass through that counter recently without saying a word. There are three grocery stores in the town where I live in Whole Foods is one the other side of town, I don't want to become obese I was sitting at the parking lot of my second choice located nearby waiting for my uncle who had been running an errand. I noticed they weren't eating I dunno why but requesting for money and eating a dish doesn't make for the fact that I was the only person wanting to step out of there and run. So the third location I don't normally shop there because the muslim grocers store is also on my list of places to look for food. Whenever i'm around the third location my mother is with me but after ordering 2 pounds worth of food from the other place i'm beginning to think like that is foul.

So before going on a journey recently I parked the car at this same spot and walked in there to order alot of bbq and hot marinated chicken. Afterwards, going to a party and it turns out that I maybe ordered too much. Because it was only three of us sitting in the car. It's just better not assuming that people are going to munch the things made at the store. Sometimes it's snowing your at the "second choice" next to a Mcdonalds whats to eat? ski towards transition.

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